Decrypt Iran 8 will be the effectiveness of the European League Ferguson, the head of the think-tank ekdv-273

Iran: 8 decryption effect of European League chief coach Ferguson think tank Sohu sports after a lapse of 15 years, appeared in 12 Finals again the China soccer despite losing the first battle of the Korean team, but let people see hope. Yesterday, the national charter flight arrived in Shenyang, began preparing for the first home of the top 12 games, with the top 12 in the world’s highest ranked Iran game. 15 years ago China was in Shenyang River in five World Cup Stadium qualify, and Shenyang national football "paradise" said. The accumulation of confidence back to the land, the Orangemen for the upcoming debut home court appears full of confidence. However, as a former national football team of Iran’s victims, though in recent years, with the country foot intersection is not much, but its strength in Asia is still first-rate, can be expected, this is not a good play tough. Thematic planning topic Author Information Times reporter Wei Bifan Zou Tian Iran objective difficulties more than Korean players in Europe when Chinese football still indulge in the battle of South Korea scored 2 goals in the joy, the Persian cavalry men riding the Iran military Iran charter flights arrived in Shenyang, Iran national football game will be triggered at any moment in 6 days night. Maybe a lot of people will be optimistic that the national football debut home court will hopefully win over Iran, but in fact, as of 12 at the 12 strong team in international ranked Iran team, despite the seemingly mysterious, is a very strong opponent. In Russia the World Cup Asian Zone 40 finals in Iran, Turkmenistan, Guam and Oman, and India in the same group, the results of the team to the top of group D qualifying, 6 wins in 8 games 2 unbeaten, scoring 26 goals and conceding just 3 goals, in the 40 season, the people of Iran show a strong attack. In the 12 season opener, Iran against Qatar, which has a wide range of recruit "mercenaries", as the 2022 World Cup host, the A group is the first two win, but even so, Iran is still able to beat opponents 2:0. At present, the Iran team by the Portuguese coach Carlos, who has a "golden generation Godfather", Ferguson’s chief think-tank nickname was uncovered, Figo marshal Rui Costa and other stars, two times led the Portuguese youth team won the world youth championship, also led South Africa and Iran reached the world cup finals. The world cup journey, Carlos led the Orangemen than Iran undoubtedly have more experience. Iran’s famous striker Ali Day after retirement, have emerged out of the bright younger generation. The Iran team has 8 players played in European club, more than 7 people in South Korea, Iran, the strong individual players physical quality is high, even super willpower of the South Korean team in the game against Iran is always at a disadvantage. At present, the Iran team, Jose has "Iran striker Aziz Messi said, only 21 years old, has been in Russia for four seasons, the 20152016 season for the club played 24 games, starting 15 games, scored 9 goals and 3 assists. On behalf of the national team has scored 10 goals for the 16 time. Dejagah Herta has played for Berlin, Wolfsburg and other five major European League club fulham.相关的主题文章: