Costa Rica witnessed the same love 97179

[Costa Rica] arakai same-sex love witness left Manuel Antonio National Park, a taxi after the bus ride south, along the west coast of Costa Rica, Costa Rica and arrive at noon at a resort in Uvita, a small mountain village. Carrying luggage, just find a hotel in the street on a simple lunch, rental of $4 to Uvita beach. It is a national park, tickets $6, into the park, see is a barren beach and the roaring waves of the sea. The tourists flocked originally thought not, originally wanted to see the whale tail because crocodiles can not go to the beach. Only in this piece of the beach can count a few people to see the scenery, see the love of the world, including same-sex love. This pair of beach lingering on the beach, the wind in the interpretation of the passion of the couple, and finally I found that gay. This is the first time I’ve seen how gay people fall in love. After touching, a look at the ocean and one side rest. The head of the lion’s bra and the explosion of the head of the black bra shows that this is the two girls, may also be male, not sure. This is the picture of the three families of the two, I moved the warmth. This is a picture of friendship. This is a Costa Rican people in the crocodile’s mouth, because there is no sea. Locals don’t have to buy tickets. The Pacific here choppy. Old roots on the beach. The river blocked the crocodile infested, the one and only to whale tail Beach Road in the world. Father dragged his daughter to the sea. Palm beach. The sea testified that there was such a couple. A wild feeling. There were no crocodiles in the mouth of the river, only the relatives of crocodiles, the American lizards. This is the mystery of the formidable estuary. On the morning of the second day of Uvita, the sun was shining in the small village. I walked alone to a waterfall in the mountains, on the way to meet the purple flowers. The people who lived here in Costa Rica to live like a land of idyllic beauty. This is the little attraction, $3. Because it is early in the morning, no one received tickets, otherwise it is not worth. Costa rica. Along the way, Costa Rica, people say hello to me, whether it is walking, riding a motorcycle, or driving. Costa Rica is not rich, but they love to beautify their homes. This is the legendary tree house. Back to the inn, the people are still sleeping in a hammock. Asked the boss, in a hammock, $10 a night. This is the hotel where I stayed. It was almost like the Youthotel, a small room, $45 per night. The boss from Italy Florence, although fifty years old, but very beautiful, very talkative. She has been here for more than and 10 years and runs the inn with her husband from Florida and is now planning to sell back to Italy. This is the boss prepared breakfast, middle fruit fruit from the trees overhead, sour taste, I do not know what the name..相关的主题文章: