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Common financial pain point five, to see which of the most poke in your heart – a lot of people in the financial management of the financial difficulties facing investment Sohu, and did not really enjoy the joy of financial management. We have to do is to find their own financial pain point, then an antidote against the disease. In this way, constantly improve the ability to take care of wealth, and gradually narrow the gap with other people’s wealth. A principal of Waterloo suffered pain points: Cure: for risk control, safety first investment, make the risk control in the most important position in our time, do not just stare at the return on investment, because the security of funds is always better than income, as long as the principal, will never have the money money may. We estimate the side there should be a lot of people witnessed the P2P run away of private lending, not repaid. Case law. I have a pen so that 15W was bad, because friends threw the guarantee, the annual yield of forget, anyway, very tempting, the progress of the project has encountered a problem, my money is not being paid, estimates for naught. This is not selected platform, the consequences of the project. I took advantage of people’s income, the results of the people of my principal. From this time, I only choose safe and reliable institutions, even if less income, at least my principal is safe. Two pain points: cure the egg in one basket: asset allocation, risk diversification has a saying: the fund company slogan is often the financial experts, in fact the largest fund value is not here, but scattered investment. I am more in favor of. Do investment banking, we always talk about the risk of asset diversification. If we have limited funds, we can only buy one or a few stocks, may miss the opportunity to see other stocks. But the fund is not the same, fund managers in the hands of more money, he can buy dozens of stocks at the same time, so we seize the probability of a larger rise. This is a kind of risk diversification. Another kind of risk diversification, is to configure a variety of different risk products. For example, according to their own risk tolerance, stocks, funds, bonds, bank financing and so on by the percentage of configuration. When the East is not bright, the west is bright. For example, this year, the stock fund is not, but the debt based income is good, but also for us to increase part of the proceeds. Three pain points: after a loss can not bear the consequences of the cure: not up happy or sad not to, choose their own risk tolerance in financial products and some investment exist to follow blindly, listen to people around what to say, do not consider their own risk tolerance go to buy. Once see your stock, fund green, is anxious to eat can’t sleep sleep every day, Xianglinsao like see people complain, tell the truth, you are not to choose the suitable type of risk. So, before doing investment, we must first do is to correctly evaluate their personality characteristics and risk preferences, on this basis to determine their own investment orientation and financial management. In addition, different stages of our life, the ability to bear the risk of income and expenditure and financial management goal is different, that our financial focus will be different, 20 years old, 30 strong ability to take risks, you can choose stocks, partial stock funds, 40,"相关的主题文章: