Chongqing boss worth hundreds of millions of suffering from depression for 8 years have a good night polartec

Chongqing boss worth hundreds of millions of suffering from depression for 8 years have a good night sleep the night of September 16th, actor and singer Qiao Renliang died in the accident in Shanghai, only 28 years old. 17 afternoon, the company issued a statement last year, in the heavy work, in the face of all kinds of external reports of Qiao Renliang untrue and seriously injured words, he suffered from depression. Grief, depression once again aroused concern. In fact, with the growing awareness of the opening, the psychology of various hospitals in Chongqing Kodubi busy. What is depression? Depression in our side much? How should depressed patient adjust oneself? Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter interviewed the relevant experts. A case of depression: a successful career for 8 years the net worth hundreds of millions of the boss, in your imagination, he should be a what? However, the clinical psychology department of Southwest Hospital, has not slept a good sleep for 8 years Wang Meng (a pseudonym), accepted the latest phase of treatment. After 10 years with him, said the driver, the boss did not sleep at night his steadfast. "The project at hand to push all the blame off, want to put down, but can not find people to do things, drag became like this now." The reason about their can’t sleep sleep, worth hundreds of millions of Wang Meng reluctantly said, there are a lot of difficulties. But in his driver Li seems that his boss should be sick. "His car is almost ten years old, still can not see a little old, the car in addition to the need to work with a use, almost no move." Li said that he was 23 years old began to give the boss a car, eyes look at the boss a year after year, but a year after year tired. "Every day he worry about things too much, even the company’s Restroom taste is smell things that he would personally intervene." Xiao Li always felt that Wang’s mood is not high, easy to worry about some small things. Wang Meng went to the heart science clinic, because he felt that he was really sick. Why? He carefully pondering, he has at least 8 years did not sleep well, or sleep at night, or sleep well, or really tired to sleep on the bed, but on the morning of the second day and wake up in the morning of the eight." In the end, Dr. Wang was diagnosed as "depression" patients: a significant and lasting depression, slow thinking and physical fatigue weakness, often accompanied by anxiety and helplessness. Over the past eight years, he will have a free time to do psychological counseling and treatment. Data: psychological clinic 81 people in the morning to do screening Wang Meng’s psychiatrist, Dr. Qu Wei, director of clinical psychology, Chongqing Southwest Hospital, Third Military Medical University. She said, contact depression has more than 20 years, such as Wang Meng, seems quite successful enough to live comfortably, developed, but the "disease" is not light, she touched too much. Qu Wei told the upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter, Mr. Wang’s case is very common. At present Chinese depression patients, the eyes of ordinary people’s "successful" and the number of patients younger than in the past increased significantly, and the overall incidence rate of depression China rising rapidly. According to World Health Organization data show that the world’s annual suicide deaths due to depression as high as 1 million. By 2020,.相关的主题文章: