Chengdu to Lhasa – the great beauty of the Sichuan Tibet line autumn photography and travel Raiders mmc.exe

Chengdu to Lhasa – the great beauty of the Sichuan Tibet line autumn photography and travel Raiders – Sohu to travel once a year of autumn, when the West Sichuan Plateau and Qinghai Tibet Plateau will enter the most gorgeous colors of the season this year. The vast grassland in the autumn gradually dyed gold, primeval forest and various bushes from the previous green, slowly become colorful Banlan, autumn sky bluer, the water clearer, the air is also more transparent. It’s the best season for travel and photography. China and the most beautiful landscape Avenue, the Sichuan Tibet line, also ushered in the prime time of the year, become a color and beauty coexist in the painting way. From the mainland to Tibet Road, a total of eight, including the famous Yunnan Tibet line, Sichuan Tibet line, the line of the Qinghai Tibet line, each line of the starting point is not the same, the places are also different. The national highway 318 is the longest distance in Tibet area, experience the most, the most mature infrastructure and supply one, and refers to the south of the Sichuan Tibet line from Chengdu to Lhasa this section of more than 2 thousand km, is an important part of national highway 318, and along the magnificent mountains and rivers, and awesome scenery and very distinctive flavor, color does a few other than the Tibet line. A few kilometers south of the Sichuan Tibet line: Chengdu – 147km – Ya’an – 168km – Luding – 49km – 75KM – 74km – Kangding – Xinduqiao – Yajiang – 143KM – 165km – 36km – Litang – Batang – bamboo cage – 71km – Mangkam – 158km – 107KM – 94km Zuogong Banda – eight Su 90km rawu – 129km 89km – Bomi Tangmai 127km 81 127km – 206km – 68km – gongbujiangda Mozhugongka – Lhasa (2149 km) Tibet line map: the starting point is the Chengdu Tibet line, end point is the holy city of Lhasa, seven days can reach the normal driving, but in order not to miss one of the most beautiful autumn China Daocheng Aden. So the trip nine days is a reasonable arrangement, the following is the cloud for outdoor design of the Sichuan Tibet line nine day itinerary: the Sichuan Tibet line + Daocheng nine Aden travel plan D1. Chengdu – Ya’an – Luding – Kangding – Xinduqiao – Yajiang – Xinduqiao D2. – D3. Daocheng – Daocheng Litang Geneva – Dingcun – Aden D4. Sub Sea Pearl Village – luorongniuchang, sea – Daocheng – Daocheng D5. milk sumdo Litang, Batang Batang – Mangkam – D6. – eight – Bomder Zuogong Su D7. Su – eight rawu – D8. – the ancient glaciers to the ancient village to village – Bomi Tangmai – – – Rouland – Linzhi D9. – Linzhi – Lhasa – gongbujiangda Mira pass the first day: Chengdu – Ya’an – Luding – Kangding – Xinduqiao (439KM) from Kangding over the mountainous fold officially entered into Tibet, the multi fold mountain altitude of 4298 m, is the first pass of the Sichuan Tibet line, is the Tibetan and Han watershed, is first called kham. Zheduoshan before, all the way downhill, first arrived at the Sichuan Tibet line important town Xinduqiao is Tibet Xinduqiao -.相关的主题文章: