Chen Xiwen China’s three grain volume must increase the content of science and technology chompoo araya

Chen Xiwen: Chinese food three Jizeng to increase content of science and Technology Beijing, Beijing – in October 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ma Haiyan) "Chinese food self production growth, a growth in imports, on the other hand, inventory is also growing. The three measure is a strange phenomenon." The CPPCC National Committee, the central rural work leading group, deputy head Chen Xiwen said in Beijing today, to change this situation, we must accelerate the process of agricultural modernization, increase content of science and technology, intensify institutional innovation. "The Belt and Road +" modern agriculture international forum held in Tsinghua University, 30. Chen Xiwen said in his speech, China’s total grain output in 1978 609 billion 500 million pounds last year, total grain output of 12429 kg. 2004 to 2015, the average annual grain output growth of more than 30 billion pounds, said it should be able to meet the needs of the general, but last year, imports of grain reached a total of 250 billion pounds. Last year, China’s total grain output from the country’s total food demand, about 50 billion pounds of gap, but more imported about 200 billion pounds. Last year, China’s agricultural products import and export volume of $187 billion 560 million, agricultural trade deficit of $about 46000000000. "We should not pursue a surplus of all trade, but at least it reflects the need for imports can not meet the gap." Chen Xiwen said that the most prominent is the soybean. China is the home of soybean, in the last century to maintain the first soybean production and export first. Into the new era, soybean imports increased year by year, China’s soybean production since 24 billion 300 million pounds, imports amounted to $163 billion 400 million. Removal of soybeans, other major food crops there are about 100 billion kg oversupply situation. "This shows that the structure of our food varieties do not meet the needs of the market, the overall competitiveness of agriculture is not enough, in the case of oversupply, but also to import other grain varieties." Chen Xiwen think. Now we are the highest in the history of food stocks, reaching 10000 kg. It should be said that we do not lack of food, but there are problems in the structure of varieties, competitive enough." Chen Xiwen said that promoting the reform of agricultural supply side, is an important task for the current and future period of time. First of all, the progress of agricultural science and technology has made great progress on agricultural growth, the contribution rate of 56%, but not enough, should be more good achievements in scientific research in the field as soon as possible to promote. Secondly, it is also a prominent problem to find a way to adapt to small-scale farming in asia. In addition, it is necessary to step up efforts to improve the protection and protection of agriculture policy, so that it is not only in line with international rules, but also to meet domestic needs. Chen Xiwen said that China’s agriculture is actively opening to the outside world, because of the growing demand for agricultural products, China can not produce all agricultural products. We want to achieve the integration of ideas, mutual learning, mutual cooperation of technology and investment in the process of opening up to the outside world. (end)相关的主题文章: