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Burma border celebration gold cassock Festival – China news agency new network in Yunnan Ruili 30 October Xinhua: Burma border festival celebration gold cassock author Dao Zhinan Cui Wen 30, at 6 o’clock in the morning, before dawn, located in the China Burma border of the new chaotic stockade lights. From the beginning of 29, from China and Myanmar border because of the same faith gather here to celebrate the Festival Golden robe. After making nearly 13 hours, the border between the two countries catch up before the sun rises, will make the night of the golden robes sent to the village house (worship Buddha, Buddha worship place) with Shakya Muni. Burma, Yunnan province and Ruili Chinese chaos stockade called sand stockade adjacent to two villages as a national cross-border neighbors, because of the same faith, here are the "transnational" to celebrate the festival. Gold? "Is to catch the pendulum cassock Festival abraham". In Dai language, "pendulum" holiday, "still catch" robe, "rare" is gold. "Is that the festival rush robe. Gold robes from Shakya Muni’s legend Festival. According to legend, Shakya Muni’s aunt wanted to give him a new robe, but did not buy materials. So aunt wishes, God sent Taurus beast to help forest plough. A sprinkling of cotton seed, dark before long out of the big cotton. People have also carried home tools to help female male, yarn, cloth, finally before dawn, the golden robes do put on the contribution of Shakya Muni. Later? At this season, all believe in Theravada Buddhist nation, have been put out, which is rare for Shakya Muni statues draped gold robes. The person who organized the festival was called "the host". According to the regulations, a person can only do one life". ? "because it is a good thing, must do good turns, a person can not be occupied." This year’s "swing" shouted bright explained, "" a pendulum main ‘the most important thing is to focus on the good, only good people can do this thing, for us it is one of the most important things in life. "? From Yunnan Ruili? Public static is the first time to participate in the festival of gold robes. Although the road is muddy and difficult to do, but she was enthusiastic: "I have heard of this festival, but the last two years have no chance to. This time to feel the festive atmosphere is very strong, but also to see a different customs." The 29 day at 10:30 in the evening, the first cloth weaves, fireworks lit up the night sky, the villagers dance for joy. More and more women and fireworks, holding their cloth to sewing table, everyone to count his tailor by common consent made a few feet, was constantly. Sewing, dyeing, gilding, robes finished the last step. The villagers with popcorn and money on the merits, then hands together, waiting to be sent to the pious cassock village house. ? 30 on the morning of 8 pm, golden cassock Festival completed last rites. The villagers rushed out of the night will always put cassock in Shakya Muni, until April of the Gregorian calendar of the Buddha Festival, the water splashing festival. "Today, the significance of traditional festivals for us in addition to faith is more of the national cultural heritage." Also said Jing, to participate in the festival of gold robes came to understand this national holiday.)相关的主题文章: