Broadcast channel is realized from the quotation to reward advertising profit predicament refraction

Broadcast channel is realized from the quotation to reward advertising index earnings this now domestic broadcast industry can be described as rapid development, but many broadcast platform, can really achieve profitability is less and less, widespread losses, profit is still difficult problems of live industry can not be avoided. Recently, a business cooperation on offer is reflected off the live exposure, among the highest prices for business packages starting at $20 million, whether advertising has become a key breakthrough profit to broadcast platform? The quotation index according to the exposure of earnings this reflected off the live business plan, reflecting off the broadcast plans to launch three new business packages, respectively, content marketing package ace exposure packages and social marketing packages, the price for 6 million yuan, 10 million yuan and 20 million yuan, mainly is the package flow will use the resources of their own through the accumulation of hard wide, soft wide, live events and social media, in the form of marketing partners. The plan also revealed that the guest live reflect micro-blog push price, 225 thousand yuan, while the WeChat service, a push for the price of 275 thousand yuan, a single sale price for advertising spread 4 million yuan, the price of 2 million yuan package package. Over the past two years, the rapid rise of the live broadcast industry, the rapid accumulation of users and traffic in a short period of time, triggering capital competing layout, making the valuation of the broadcast platform continues to improve." A well-known domestic broadcast platform responsible person Mr. Wang said, to reflect the guest live as an example, in January this year, reflecting off the broadcast of the valuation is only 378 million yuan, but from the Kunlun World Wide Web released in September this year, intends to sell 210 million Yuan Ying passenger announcement live 3% equity can be found in just 8 months, reflecting off the live valuations have risen to 7 billion yuan. However, valuation is not the case, calculated according to 1 billion 500 million yuan C TV Betta Betta TV round of financing, valuation has reached 10 billion yuan. "Broadcast platform high valuation, a large number of users and traffic on the part of that broadcast platform actually have a very high self hematopoietic capacity, but in fact is not the case, and the exposure of the reflected off live business plan is just a good show, broadcast platform to achieve profitability, the future only through business cooperation in order to obtain higher returns." Mr. Wang said. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters found through access to public information, the current valuation has reached 7 billion yuan live audience, total revenue last year received a total of $30 million 483 thousand and 600, net profit of only $1 million 672 thousand and 800. Although Ying guest live last year’s net profit in only one million yuan level, not to even 2 million yuan, but the most essential platform at a loss, little profit, in contrast, is reflected off the live situation better. In addition, the data show that at this stage the number of domestic broadcast platform has expanded from 25 in 2012 to hundreds. However, it is worth noting that, behind live platforms such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as soaring, more than 110 of the broadcast platform to close or stop updating. In the industry view, the introduction of live platform advertising business, conduct business cooperation, not to allow their own table相关的主题文章: