British media Indonesia to China to visit or purchase of cruise missile display; the system of coscoqd

British media: Indonesia to China to visit or purchase of cruise missile   display; the system of Xinjiang channel, according to the British "Jane’s Defence Weekly" website reported on October 12th, the Indonesian military announced in October 10th, to Chinese senior military representative, watched by rocket WS-43 cruise missile firing demonstration. Attend the presentation will include the Indonesian army artillery regiment training and Training Supervisor Sutter Nobel and brigadier Rio ude? Artillery division management and R & D Supervisor loolie Colonel Chandra Jani?. Reported that the WS-43 system is developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, and in 2014, Zhuhai airshow debut. The information obtained from the Zhuhai airshow shows that the maximum load of the system is 20 kg, the longest distance is 60 kilometers, and the longest cruise time is 30 minutes before hitting the target. The flight guidance of WS-43 cruise missile depends on the combination of inertial navigation system and global positioning system, and the terminal guidance relies on infrared imaging. The weapon can track and hit moving and stationary targets. Reported that the WS-43 cruise missile firing demonstration was carried out in September 26th. Earlier, China Aerospace long march international trade Co., Ltd. arrived in the western Java province of Java, held a briefing on the loitering munitions system, including WS-43 cruise missiles. The briefing was held in August 15th, and the global defense company in Mandy, Indonesia, held a meeting together. It is not clear whether the PLA is equipped with WS-43 cruise missiles, and it is not clear whether the Indonesian military has special requirements for the cruise missile system in the list of requirements submitted to the Ministry of defense. However, the defense, intelligence and Foreign Affairs Committee of the Indonesian house of Representatives has approved a total of $45 million under the foreign defense credit program to purchase the missile system for the Indonesian army. The funds will be allocated in place from 2015 to 2019. (Hatton: commissioning editor (Intern), Gul Han Ting) 英媒:印尼赴华参观巡飞弹展示 或采购该系统–新疆频道–人民网   据英国《简氏防务周刊》网站10月12日报道,印尼军方10月10日宣布,军方高级代表日前赴中国,观看由火箭助推的WS-43巡飞弹实弹射击演示。   出席此次演示会的包括印尼军队炮兵团训导与培训主管尤迪?萨特里约诺准将以及高炮师管理与研发主管鲁利?钱德拉亚尼上校。   报道称,WS-43系统是由中国航天科技集团公司研发的,并在2014年珠海航展上首次亮相。从珠海航展上获得的信息显示,该系统的最大荷载为20公斤,最远飞行距离为60公里,在命中目标前最长巡航时间为30分钟。   WS-43巡飞弹的飞行制导依靠的是惯性导航系统和全球定位系统相结合,而末端制导依靠的是红外成像。该武器能追踪及命中移动与静止目标。   报道称,WS-43巡飞弹实弹射击演示是在9月26日进行的。此前,中国航天长征国际贸易有限公司代表曾抵达印尼西爪哇省的芝马墟,举行有关巡飞弹药系统的简报会,其中包括WS-43巡飞弹。   简报会是在8月15日举行的,印尼曼迪里全球防务公司共同举办了会议。   报道称,目前尚不清楚中国人民解放军是否配备了WS-43巡飞弹,而且也不清楚印尼军方在提交给国防部的要求列表中对巡飞弹系统有否特殊要求。但印尼众议院国防、情报和外交事务委员会已根据对外防务信贷计划,批准总额4500万美元的拨款,为印尼军方采购导弹系统。这笔资金将于2015年至2019年拨付到位。 (责编:阿通古丽(实习)、韩婷)相关的主题文章: