Bicycle parent-child tour, with treasure loaded with Fei Fei Fei – Sohu maternal and child k-boxing

Single family travel, with Bao Bao Fei – Sohu to act with maternal cycling family travel, with Pozhu forced with Bao Fei said that this year, the sun is not what the sun baby, especially love riding Baba, cool one, another pink baby, ride past it how much the opposite woman see come over, see here. Just take those notes with Pozhu forced Bao Fei, Baba all know? The most important to say three times: must give treasure on the safety helmet, safety helmet, safety helmet! With Po, less than 6 months of discussion — when I talk to you about the treasure still does not sit straight, the head also do not hold up, you talk to me about the safety helmet, which is going on?! A little bigger? 9-12 months of treasure, OK, but with a specially designed for children seat, bar and the back is put in front of the children, Baba casual, Xiao Nan only remind one, must let the treasure feet away from the wheel, so treasure seat is the best equipped with pedal. Don’t leave, Baba in the heavy traffic to the ride, the car as well as a treasure, the best ride in bike lanes, if not, go to the safe street. No matter how naughty treasure shamelessly, must teach the little guy wearing a helmet on a road to develop habits, even if he is just a small tricycle own. If in a small Baba treasure, let him develop the habit, realize the importance of protecting the head from, you know, treasure cultivate habits tend to maintain life, life can protect the treasure this good thing, why not take advantage of the small?相关的主题文章: