Beijing – VIDEO – Shijiazhuang love to fly off the flight at the opening of the wing show stunt stun ca1290

Beijing – VIDEO – Shijiazhuang love to fly off the flight at the opening stunt woman wing stunt show [comment] in September 13th 2016, Shijiazhuang general aviation exhibition and Conference opened in Shijiazhuang love to fly off the flight. The exhibition is the largest general aviation professional exhibition, a total of more than 50 domestic and international aviation manufacturing and operation of nearly 150 aircraft exhibitors. Participating aircraft, including high-performance aircraft, special aircraft, water jet, new fuel aircraft and the world’s top private aircraft, such as the main navigation models. Exhibition for the navigation industry and the audience provides a zero distance contact with the aircraft, the opportunity to understand the aircraft. Aerobatics is the highlight of the show, the General Assembly invited the John flying aerobatics team, love to fly off the hornet aerobatic teams 5 aerobatic teams in the world’s top. The opening ceremony, the aerobatic team, the audience presented wonderful flight performance, let the audience experience the speed and passion of others. Aircraft sometimes stall turn, and soar, straight down at high altitude. Two stunt woman standing in the wings of flight from time to time put on a high degree of difficulty, drew bursts exclaimed. [the same period] people feel very good to visit the people, (exhibitor) models are still quite a lot, they show I have seen, flying are also very good. [the same period] to visit the public (stunt flight) roll, the air turned, I feel particularly good to do, are almost to the ground, and then pick up, I feel very dangerous ah. [during the same period] to visit the public at our doorstep to perform this, we feel very proud, but also shows that we have this ability in Shijiazhuang, have the conditions to hold such a large-scale performances. Guangde AI Chen poetry rain Hebei Shijiazhuang reports.相关的主题文章: