Beijing and Shanghai investigation Baidu Sogou review not suspected of advertising obligations crycry

Beijing and Shanghai investigation Baidu Sogou advertising review not suspected of criminal investigation duty in Beijing and Shanghai Baidu Sogou search engine two suspected of illegal medical advertisements not JINGWAH review obligation Times News (reporter Yuan Guoli) "September 1st" Interim Measures for the management of Internet advertising just implementation, there are enterprises for violating the rules checked. Reporters yesterday from Haidian industrial and commercial bureau was informed that Baidu, Sogou search engine and two Beijing Taiwan maternity hospital, Beijing hospital, Beijing City Hospital of zhigantan, on suspicion of illegal advertisements published and other issues in the search engine is a criminal investigation. It is understood that the Interim Measures for the management of Internet advertising because of its provisions to deal with the cost of search and concern. In accordance with the provisions of the regulations, the sale of goods or services paid search advertising belongs to Internet advertising, and requires a significant indication of advertising". Haidian industrial and Commercial Bureau Inspection Brigade enforcement officers told reporters, before the implementation of new regulations, they are within the jurisdiction of the Internet Co to carry out the guide, especially for Baidu, Sogou search engine, "commercial promotion" to search for information to identify as "advertising". September 1st, the Haidian branch of the industrial and commercial bureau of law enforcement officers to check the use of Baidu, Sogou search platform, more than 200 medical units on the Internet focused inspections. Law enforcement officers said that the majority of medical institutions to publish advertisements in strict accordance with the "Interim Measures" provisions of Internet advertising management, but there are still some hospitals in search engine advertising site containing absolute terms, without obtaining medical advertising review proof such as the contents of the advertisement. Among them, Taiwan Taiwan maternity hospital, said the introduction of the "top" team; Beijing zhigantan hospital claiming 90% of liver disease patients came to the hospital "; Longcheng hospital claimed he was" Beijing best gynecological hospital in Haidian". Law enforcement officials said, Baidu, Sogou search engine released these ads, allegedly not review obligations, 3 hospitals are suspected of illegal advertising. Haidian branch of the industrial and commercial inspection unit has been suspected of illegal content of evidence, the investigation of the unit involved in the investigation. Law enforcement officials said that after the investigation will be punished in accordance with the new provisions of the enterprise. Sogou company sources said yesterday, after the implementation of the new regulations, Sogou strict enforcement of laws and regulations, the commercial promotion logo replaced by advertising logo. For the business sector to find out the problem, the company said it would carry out real-time monitoring of content, once found irregularities, will be offline in a timely manner. According to media reports, Baidu, Sogou and 3 hospitals in Shanghai, but also because of the same reason was Shanghai business sector investigation. Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bureau law enforcement officers to search through Baidu, Sogou search engine, that does not have the technical qualifications of the maternal and infant health care, Shanghai Anping Hospital, Shanghai Nanpu gynecology hospital, Shanghai Xupu Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, but in the release of medical advertisements. Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bureau found Baidu, Sogou search engine for uncensored advertising, advertising Shanghai Nanpu gynecology hospital, Shanghai Anping Hospital, Shanghai Xupu Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and other suspected illegal advertisements published, the investigation of these enterprises. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: