Be cheated by the optical accident, who killed the prospective college students Xu Yuyu ca1810

Be cheated by the optical accident, who killed the prospective college students Xu Yuyu? Xu Yuyu has been admitted to the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, but because of a fraud phone died in Shandong, a girl is about to enter the University of the University of Linyi, Xu Yuyu, suffered 171 at the beginning of the phone fraud, cheated 9900 yuan tuition. Xu Yuyu in the report on the way home syncope, cardiac arrest, unfortunately died. This is the most negative energy to see the edge of this month’s news, the mood for a long time can not heal, decided to find out who is so bold, indirectly killed Xu Yuyu. Of course, dangerous liar is direct murderer killed Xu Yuyu, the project team has been rushed to the investigation. The use of the 171 section of the liar is also a large number of fraud involving widespread criticism. This section does not belong to the three operators, but by virtual operators management, section 170171 of the real name registration is not very strict, by fraud, the difficulty of the investigation of public security organs, although the Ministry and other departments have been conducted, but is still the hardest hit of telecommunications fraud. This is the number of fraud was exposed by the media to Beijing special communications far in March this year, the card and card registration system. Far special communication has the background to find the card including personal information, identity card number and call records preservation, and explain the situation to the police. In addition, there are several strange local events, Xu Yuyu who leaked personal information? August 17th, Xu Yuyu’s father took his daughter to the District Board of education for poor students to apply for grants. The next day, received a phone call from the Education Bureau, said the money will be sent in a few days." Xu Yuyu’s funeral, his father cried bitterly 19 at 4:30 on the afternoon of the day, the liar’s phone directly hit the mother of Xu’s mother Li Ziyun’s cell phone. Asked, saying that this year your home is not a student admitted to the university? After getting a positive answer, the man claiming to be the Bureau of education, there is a grant to be issued, I heard that is to grant what grants, she called her daughter to answer the phone. But Xu Yuyu’s admission to the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, said the school has not contacted the issue of grants". It is this grant grants the news cheated Xu Yuyu’s trust, but also caused such a tragedy. Just in the Education Bureau to apply for financial aid liar came, coincidence? Grant application information, only the District Board of education to grasp, just two days after the liar in the name of the cheat cheat to come, this is a coincidence? Unless the liar is really a "sky net" to each prospective students are called, just let Xu Yuyu collide. Xu Yuyu’s admission notice and mobile phone in the afternoon of August 24th, Linyi Luozhuang District Bureau of education, a staff member said that the current education authorities are investigating the matter. He said, Xu Yuyu before the accident, had participated in a "pan Shandong Sea Grant action" funded activities, form Education Bureau received Xu Yuyu registration registration, but have been handed over to the organizers. There is no evidence to prove that the activities of the students involved in telecommunications fraud and Xu Yuyu. The Luozhuang District, Linyi Bureau staff introduction, the Shandong provincial college entrance examination through the provisions and permissions set, so that no other units and individuals are unable to query the relevant information. Can)相关的主题文章: