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Bao became a big bag of electricity providers to grab the customer can still maintain bleeding long? Shipping into the electricity supplier heart knot Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, online shopping, there are a lot of people fancy shipping this option, however, the electricity supplier growth period for the training market launch initiatives are slowly bury their own. Recently, foreign media on the detailed analysis of the impact of the future trend of the postal service providers. In the United States, if shopping for more than 20 U.S. dollars or to catch up with the holiday shopping season, businesses generally provide mail service. In addition, if you spend $99 to buy the Amazon Prime members, but also to get the annual mail service. However, this so-called free shipping is not free. Since the user is too much emphasis on the postal service, so the electricity supplier can only play swollen face fat man. But in fact this service has great influence on the electricity supplier, especially those who do small business, because business is not always bleeding for a long run down. For most of the electricity supplier, if there is no investor subsidies, free shipping costs incurred are generally equal to the price of goods to. Hodson Bay (retail store) CEO Storch said, to deliver goods to the doorstep of each customer can be much higher than the cost of open retail stores, the daily mail bag out of business is only peibenzhuanyaohe. In fact, this account is very good, through the logistics of the goods will be distributed to consumers at home needs to bear a huge supply chain costs, it is even higher than the retail store 3 times. So whenever people say that the shop is cheap, I will be very depressed. Look at Amazon’s earnings, they lost by sellers for how many years? This model does not have the advantage of network marketing in the cost, if the transition into a hasty electricity supplier is not operating well, I am afraid it is difficult to earn money." Stoch said. Post this policy is a heavy burden for small businesses, but even the online retail giant Amazon and Target some can not afford to carry. From the earnings data, Amazon paid only 55% of the freight back. With the continuous increase of Prime members, Amazon spent $1 billion 750 million on logistics, it is some amazing. In order to ease the pressure of logistics costs, Amazon had to choose the self built logistics system, in addition, Prime members are likely to increase the annual fee. In February this year, Amazon’s non Prime members free shipping threshold also rose from $35 to $49. As ordinary consumers, we simply can not see the cost of electricity supplier in the supply chain, we only know that they do not shipping costs, so we have to buy a towel on the internet. A poll in 2016 showed that shipping has become the main reason people continued to increase in the electricity supplier "cut the hand of frequency, 88% of respondents said the crowd is much larger than fast shipping and delivery service refund on appeal. Therefore, the appliance manufacturers have begun to take the post to do gimmicks. If users and investors are reluctant to pay for this part of the extra cost, then the electricity supplier will have to carry their own. If the electricity supplier to get new financing for their own continue to burn it, the future will be quite bleak, and this kind of rob Peter to pay Paul.相关的主题文章: