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Baby teeth should be how to clean? Sohu – maternal parenting master quality article, author: Wang Lichao (Doctor of Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University) now the parents are focusing on healthy baby teeth, many mothers are very concerned about how to give the baby teeth. In fact, when the baby is born after the need for oral cleaning. In the absence of tooth eruption, we also recommend that every day on a regular basis after the baby’s milk, the baby’s mouth clean. Parents can take cotton swab dipped in the water, or with gauze, baby gums or oral tongue is slightly cleaner. This is conducive to the baby’s oral health. In general, such as the baby 4 to 5 months, that is, after the baby eruption of a tooth, parents can use a finger sleeve or with gauze to clean teeth. This time you can also use a toothbrush. In general, when the baby is 2 to 3 years old, have a certain ability to learn. At this time it is recommended that children learn to brush their teeth. Brush your teeth at least two times a day, especially when you brush your teeth before going to bed at night. Compared with adults, children’s teeth teeth, teeth calcification is relatively weak, more vulnerable to bacterial invasion to form cavities. In addition, the children’s diet containing sugar is relatively high; there are children do not have good oral hygiene, such as brushing this habit did not develop. These are the cause of the high incidence of tooth decay in children. The child after eating sugary foods, a large amount of food residue on the surface adhesion of the teeth, plaque formation. After the formation of dental plaque can cause dental caries on the tooth surface. So, the best way to prevent dental caries in dental plaque formation after timely cleaning teeth, particularly to the tooth surface of the soft dirt, thoroughly clean the food residue in the formation of plaque before. The main cleaning method is through our daily brushing. The child after eating or drinking milk, if timely brushing, especially before going to bed can brush your teeth, tooth decay can be avoided. Some parents think the baby teeth always change, so the deciduous tooth decay occurs after do not need treatment, this view is very wrong. The first is very important for the function of the child teeth. It can play a beautiful function, this beautiful children to establish their own self-confidence is very important. The other is the masticatory function, under normal circumstances, deciduous teeth can make our food in the mouth chewing and decomposition, more conducive to food digestion, further more conducive to children’s health. Third the masticatory function is helpful to the teeth, to the bite, to the jaw. If the primary stage appeared to decay, patients with this side to bite, only one side is healthy to bite, the formation of unilateral chewing habits. After a long period of time, the development of children’s jaw may be asymmetric. So it is recommended that deciduous tooth decay occurs once the timely treatment is very necessary. In addition, caries if not treated promptly, it may induce pulpitis and apicitis, around around the teeth, periapical inflammation etc.. If the teeth appeared around apicitis, it will affect the:相关的主题文章: