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Chongqing old imperial erhu often practiced into the night neighbor alarm ssdao

Started learning erhu erhu practice of Chongqing old imperial late neighbor alarm Wansheng through the open area of the Zhang mother half a year ago, often practice hard into the night, did not expect the residents caused resentment. 17 evening 10, the neighbor soldier (alias) alarm for help: "listen to half a year, really can not listen to go down."." "An old woman is still learning to play erhu, so you can help me."!" 17 on the evening of 10, Wansheng police station received the Tashan Wandong area residents soldier alarm. "This sounds like the erhu and neigh like a horse, you don’t know it’s a bad ah!" The soldier said, Zhang mother almost every night like the erhu, not only play badly, often get into the night, sometimes 11 at night are still learning. Zhang Popo said, her usual hobby for the cultivation of interest free, half a year ago, in the recommendation of a friend to learn erhu. For early completion, she often practice overtime, did not expect to be residents of disgust. "Really embarrassed, disturb them to rest."." Zhang Popo learned that someone called the police, feeling very surprised, but expressed understanding. She says that nothing can be done in haste, and that sooner or later will be finished or practiced outside.

重庆老太学二胡常练到深夜 邻居忍无可忍报警   万盛经开区的张婆婆半年前开始学拉二胡,时常刻苦练习到深夜,没想到引起小区居民反感。17日晚10时,邻居小兵(化名)报警求助:“听了半年,实在听不下去了。”   “小区一老太婆这么晚还在学拉二胡,你们帮忙劝一下吧!”17日晚10时,万盛万东派出所民警接到塔山小区居民小兵报警。   “这二胡声断断续续像马一样嘶叫,你不晓得那才叫一个难听啊!”小兵说,张婆婆几乎每晚都拉二胡,不仅拉得不好,还经常弄到深夜,有时晚上11点都还在学习。   张婆婆说,她平时闲来无事,为培养点兴趣爱好,半年前在朋友推荐下学拉二胡。   为早日学成,她时常加班加点练习,没想到遭到小区居民的反感。   “确实不好意思,打搅他们休息了。”张婆婆得知有人报警感觉很诧异,但表示理解。   她表示,学什么都不能急于求成,今后将尽量提前结束或到外面练习。相关的主题文章:

I had a flight at the show, but only five minutes – Sohu masa-c

I played a flight at the show, but only five minutes – Jun Sohu technology geeks shopping these days at the Guangzhou auto show, has been thinking about a problem: people can fly? The "Birdman" star Riggan in the role in the movie "Birdman" inextricably bogged down in, Riggan after the show obsessions, he once thought: I am Birdman, is my birdman. I don’t know the direct consequences of fantasy and reality, is that one day, he did not hesitate to jump down from the window, thought he has finally become a bird, the result is a cup. How to become a bird? Riggan failed to become the bird, because he did not encounter the geek Jun (just kidding) ~ ~ this is not open the brain hole. Secretly tell you, in fact, people can fly. If you have a wing aircraft. Wing mounted flight is well understood. When the limit of the athletes wearing similar to the wings in the sky clothing, "ash to ash", they have smooth customs clearance for a "bird", like this: "the flying feeling, have air ballet depending on the sense of that? The di o have mad pull cool fried day exercise, there are a lot of ways. But what do you want to fly? Through the mountains, through the forest, through the canyon, or through the endless fields? Geeks can’t tell you the answer. Because he was too busy to experience the thrill of the fly fly. Yeah, that’s the thing. However, you’d guess what you actually see the geek? "This beauty, such as geek Jun wants Nani ~ ~ how to do? The thing that looks like a flying thing is a mechanical arm. Do not look at its height of only 2.5 meters, the radius of activities can only cover up to 1.8 meters, but it can simulate the flight at all angles (flight angle of 15 – 23 degrees). Experience the need to wear a vest and flight jacket, and then wear VR glasses. Look at the whole look. You know how safe it is. If you are careful enough, you can see the flying hair, it comes from here. "Is such a tall on the chassis which is a full sensor integrated system. It can be the experience of vision, hearing, smell, touch, in addition, but also the distribution of temperature, giving a sense of direction. This is a very magical device, geek Jun in the experience, there is a variety of beauty, the ear can hear the gurgling sound, the wind blew, moist air to feel the warmth of the pavement, and a ray of sunshine, flowers can smell. The real machine, in five minutes, suddenly captured your heart geeks. For a moment, geek Jun thought he really fly in the sky, the feeling is very wonderful. This is a wonderful machine. Now you think bird geek, occasionally Dangdang is actually quite good. I’m wearing the latest version of HoloLens, but not see eye piece but with VR.相关的主题文章:

Hebei cancel restrictions on used car policy transactions will be more convenient – Sohu car

Hebei province lifted restrictions on second-hand car trading policy will be more convenient – car Sohu recently, the Commerce Department of Hebei Province, the provincial public security department, the Provincial Department of transportation and other departments 12 days before formulated "to promote the second-hand car trading facilitation plan" in Hebei Province, regulate the second-hand car market order, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the second-hand car market, create more a large market space for the new consumer. The program provides for the province across districts and counties of the circulation of second-hand car, in addition to the State encourages the relevant vehicle out and asked out of the outside, as long as the national in motor vehicle emissions and safety standards, environmental protection in the regular inspection and annual inspection is valid within the validity period of second-hand car can move in with the formalities, not other policy the formulation and implementation of restrictions on the second-hand car move. Restrictions on each department has formulated and implemented, should be carefully cleaned, and will be cancelled; limit the policy to the city, county people’s government has formulated and implemented by the city and County Business Bureau in conjunction with the environmental protection and public security departments, to the city, county people’s government to cancel the straight tube as soon as possible. We proposed to promote the second-hand car distribution enterprise brand management, enhance the service, warranty and other value-added services capacity and professional level, to create a number of second-hand car brand franchise boutique. Encourage qualified large enterprise groups to develop chain operation, testing and servicing facilities and construction of a number of vehicles, improve the service process standardized regional brand second-hand car market. Vigorously develop the "Internet plus the circulation of second-hand car, second-hand car trading business development guide line fusion on-line, to encourage the development of e-commerce, online auction and other transactions. Promote new car sales enterprises to carry out second-hand car distribution business, and actively develop second-hand car replacement business. The use of existing marketing channels and quality certification, service security and other brand advantages, expand the brand used car business. Small and non – operating passenger vehicles registered in accordance with the law may be sold, traded, sold or sold in the administrative area or in the administrative areas under the jurisdiction of the people’s Republic of china. The second-hand car market operators and second-hand car business entities according to the "second-hand cars in circulation management approach" (State Council Decree No. 307th), the audit focused on whether the seller has used car vehicle ownership or right of disposal, the seller to confirm the identity certificate and the motor vehicle and license and tax documents, in accordance with the provisions of the uniform invoice issued by the "second-hand car sales". In vehicles transferred to apply for transfer of registration of small and micro non operating passenger cars, transferred to the public security traffic management departments should be in accordance with the "vehicle registration", "motor vehicle inspection work regulations" provisions to review the relevant certificate, and inspection of motor vehicles. Out of the public security traffic management department in accordance with the provisions of the transfer, do not need to check the motor vehicle, no need to drive back to the registration. Throughout the business, public security, taxation, industry and commerce departments shall not violate the "second-hand car circulation management approach", the violation of the restrictions on the use of second-hand car trading conditions. (from the website of the people’s Government of Hebei)相关的主题文章:

Chengdu auto show in November, the first listing of the Southeast DX3 exposure without false – Sohu lm3886

The Chengdu auto show in November of the first listed exposure southeast of DX3 without pseudo – Sohu [Sohu] car car new car before the domestic media exposure of a group of Southeast DX3 without pseudo real car spy, Southeast of DX3 located in a small SUV will be opened shortly after the Chengdu Auto Show debut, and officially on sale in early November. Appearance: as the southeast car cooperation with Italy Pininfarina developed second mass-produced models, DX3 followed the DX-concept concept car design language, to show the design concept of "flow", its dynamic and fashionable appearance that DX3 future oriented consumer groups tend to be younger. DX3 in the southeast of the front face of the family characteristics of Dapeng wings collocation grille and double L headlights, with high degree of recognition and original. From the side view, the design of suspension roof style swooping waist, with the vehicle body, the roof and C column ingenious fusion, make the whole body lines looks more stretch. The car tail shape has a certain visual sense of hierarchy, a uplift of the other line throughout the tail on both sides of the figure 7 taillights, below the bumper exhaust pipe with hidden design, with silver trim to create a good sports atmosphere. In addition, the new car will provide a variety of different colors of body painting, and provide a black roof of the two color body version. We can see from the figure the real car, according to the Southeast DX3 configuration also has subtle differences in appearance, such as bumper guard plate, fog area, roof rack, rim style etc.. Power: DX3 is equipped with a 1.5 liter 4A91 naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power of horsepower (88 kW). At the same time, the new car will be equipped with 1.5T turbocharged engine version, and in the rear of the use of 220T power logo, which means 1.5T power models peak torque of 220 cattle.相关的主题文章:

Yan value burst table performance experience as a driving force recorder 1s- Sohu car yo te amo

Yan burst table values of powerful performance experience LETV tachograph 1S- Sohu automobile Sohu [distance headlamp] with the bad guys to get rich road at the private car, various pengci event recorder sales achievement exposure. The majority of owners have gradually realized that the several hundred yuan small things, can not only help you will be responsible in the traffic accident, but also to avoid the old lady Pengcier, far greater than the value of its own. However, the traditional single function of the traffic recorder, but also limits the pace of its development, many manufacturers have to develop new features and racking their brains. LETV tachograph 1S we experience today is another way to develop social sharing, auxiliary driving and other functions, through experience, Xiaobian think this innovation is consistent with the contemporary young people’s appetite. The Internet has always been to cost-effective for the brand, so LETV tachograph 1S price is relatively close to the people, there are two versions, the standard version is 299 yuan, exclusive version of 399 yuan, 100 yuan price, including a Bluetooth controller, line cable clip also shovel. In the recorder itself hardware and function, the two are exactly the same. This time we test for everyone to enjoy the version. The two version of the biggest difference is that the exclusive edition provides a Bluetooth remote control, it will be installed nearby, convenient emergency or emergency video capture photos. The operation is very simple, click to capture, video, press two times. Need to be paired for the first time, and then no longer needed. Compared with the traditional driving record form, LETV tachograph 1S design bright spots after unpacking at first glance do not see it is tachograph, classic red and black color, shape the aircraft engine for the creative prototype, it looks very cool, especially the red turbofan engine blades, to allow the driver to resist, can serve as a decorative accessories in the car. The material, LETV tachograph 1S using composite material technology of glass fiber +PC, the body strong and flame retardant, no formaldehyde releasing, 0 pollution. Pearlescent paint inkjet let the whole body full of texture, and car accessories. And durable, able to adapt to -20 – 70 degrees of work environment, whether it is cold and summer heat. LETV tachograph USA Ambarella 1S built-in A12 chip, 720P, 1080P, 1080P can record HDR and 1296P HD video can easily record tiny details in the driving process, clear identification of vehicles license plate number. Can be said that in addition to video clarity, a standard shooting angle is judging the recorder, LETV 1S with 160° the wide-angle lens can be the entire front range, including the left and right sides of easy income picture, but also to ensure quality, refused to screen deformity. In addition, the music, as the 1S has 6 sets of high-precision glass lens, F1.8 aperture, even in the night driving, but also to ensure the picture definition. The installation process is very simple, and the power cord extends along the groove of the top of the front windshield, and extends downwards through the A column to the glove box, and the bottom of the glove box is moved from the bottom of the glove box to the 1S.相关的主题文章: