Apple AI strategy Siri must be more intelligent or will be left behind and beaten splitit

Apple AI strategy: Siri must be more intelligent or will be left behind and beaten AI has entered Apple products Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 23rd news, apple is the world’s most successful companies in the future, if it wants to continue to remain successful, must rely on the AI technology. If you ask: what are the leading companies in Silicon Valley AI? We may not immediately think of apple. In fact, Apple’s early AI technology is still amazing, senior employees at least apple new think so. Ross, a researcher at the Carnegie Mellon University, · (Russ) recently announced on Twitter that he has joined apple, whose responsibilities include managing and building AI teams in Salakhutdinov. In the future, he will continue to be a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. On Google+, Salah Andrianof wrote: "apple is performing some compelling AI and machine learning projects." He will work with apple to create a team of top machine learning and deep learning experts, challenging some R & D projects, but also to guide employees engaged in basic research, to promote the development of AI technology. Beginning in February of this year, Salah Andrianof became an assistant professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, before he did research at MIT, University of Toronto. In addition to machine learning and deep learning, he is also good at using AI to find specific patterns from large data sets. Apple in the end how many employees laid AI? Company is not willing to disclose. But from the recent recruitment news and talent acquisition news, Apple needs a lot of talent. Where is apple AI? You have been immersed in the subtle use of Apple’s AI technology to enhance the user experience. For example, apple with AI to improve the life time of iPhone, identify the identity of the image and the target, in the "Siri App suggested" feature, apple AI predicted that the user is about to open the next APP. On the iPad Pro, apple uses machine learning techniques to prevent the palm of the hand, with this technology, the user can put the pen on the screen, writing, drawing, do not worry about the screen will respond to touch. When we watch a movie on Apple TV and miss some conversation, you can ask, "what did she say?" Apple will use AI technology to find out who she is and then tell you what she said. AI’s figure has appeared in Apple products, which just cited a few examples. Apple AI also has a unique place: in order to protect privacy, Apple will store personal data on the phone, rather than on the cloud, Google and Amazon is placed in the cloud. This is a challenge, because companies typically collect data from users and place them in data centers, which are then used to train neural networks. Armed with Siri AI in apple AI territory, the most eye-catching Siri. Apple spokesman said the company is using more advanced AI technology to enhance Siri. Existing Siri is built on top of AI. 2 years ago, Siri introduced a promise.相关的主题文章: