American University will design 200 thousand core computer each chip has 25 cores synnex

The university will design 200 thousand core computer each chip has 25 core chip Piton Phoenix Technology News Beijing on August 25th news, according to technology website Computerworld reported that the Princeton University researchers hope they developed 25 core open source Piton processor can come in handy: they plan to develop the configuration of 8000 Piton, a total of 200 thousand core computer. Although the Piton computer will not be successful in the short term, but it is a potential use of Piton. Piton flexible design, excellent scalability, to ensure the application of parallel operation in a large number of nuclear "keep step with." Princeton University researchers announced the details of the Piton at the Hot Chips conference. Their goal is to develop a chip that can be used in large data centers. Piton is an open source processor designed based on OpenSparc. There are many open source chips and architectures, including RISC-V. Enterprises can use open source chip design, development, production of their own chips. A Piton chip is integrated with 25 cores, which are called grid designs. Kernel clock frequency is 1GHz. A plurality of chips in an array form a daisy chain system through a bridge with a built-in chip, and the bridge connects the chip to the memory and the storage device. Grid design is not a new technology, Tilera and other companies on the chip using this technology. Piton is unique in its distributed cache, as well as the integration of all large servers in a one-way connection of the kernel. The number of chips is increasing – especially in server and game PC chips, with the aim of providing more powerful processing power. AMD Zen based chips can be integrated up to 32 cores, the latest model of Intel Xeon E7 server chip integrated with up to 32 cores. Princeton University researchers said, Piton is the largest chip developed by academia. The basis for their argument may not be the number of cores integrated in the chip. Davies, a researcher at the University of California, California, VLSI Computing Lab, designed KiloCore chips with 1000 cores. But the 460 million transistor may make Piton the largest chip developed by academia. However, with the current integration of billions of transistors, powerful server and game PC chips, Piton size is not large. Piton uses IBM 32 nm process manufacturing. (you want to see more foreign leaves) interesting and novel technology news? That is to scan code concern outside the Language Society (micro signal: ifengwys) official WeChat bar.  相关的主题文章: