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U.S. men in order to be the result of the network was broadcast live red mountain was arrested by the police, according to foreign media reports, the rise of the network so that many people find a shortcut to fame, but in order to get rid of the famous and the lower limit is also increasing. A man in the US state of Kentucky to Facebook Bo sparked a fire deliberately attention. According to The Associated Press, this year only 21 year old man was an aspiring weatherman, in order to join the red net, he embarked on the road of crime. Kentucky, a police officer, said: the suspect often upload videos on Facebook, I hope people can pay attention to his weather forecast. In order to seek the attention is ignited fires, maybe he enjoyed by thousands of fans around in Facebook." Although this is an extreme example, but this Bo eyeball attention seeking way in the world is not uncommon, one not careful, these crazy people will want to become a red net. The police officer said: "the suspects were arrested when they did not feel that he had made a mistake, but he did put others in extreme danger." Right now, the suspect has been charged with arson 2. Ironically, he paid attention to pay attention to the video only for 3600 clicks. Related news: "the original" auction network anchorwoman stockings mad throw 180 thousand men’s 30000 nouveau riche seek about female anchor a reality… Breeze live for Mobile Games anchor or transfer teeth will be intense to do the new clothes the first king! Tencent Web Games open service table passion on-line! The name of the game more open service operators. The Red Moon Legend 2 22:00 9377 platform magic throne 21:00 cool blue network legend br 21:00 37 game JX 2 21:00 602 21:00 37 game game Blue Moon Legend tomb 20:00 tour family network legend br 20:00 37 game blue month legend 20:00 9377 platform 19:00 37 game Legend br blue legend 19:00 37 game相关的主题文章: