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After a lapse of three years, ZTE finally clear to do the smart Home Furnishing – Sohu of science and technology in August 2016, ZTE released M-ICT2.0 white paper, five strategic directions for the future establishment of the company: virtual Virtuality, open Openness, intelligent Intelligence, Cloudification cloud and Internet of Everything (Wulian general VOICE), in September 22nd and said the secret the new smart home strategy. Today morning, ZTE officially released the smart Home Furnishing strategy in Beijing, is also planning Home Furnishing intelligent target market, by 2020, will integrate the hatch balance of 10 new smart Home Furnishing single product explosion models, to achieve the number of users online break 10 million, the overall valuation of 10 billion yuan. This is since 2014 in the field of intelligent Home Furnishing, ZTE first proposed intelligent Home Furnishing strategy, officially released based on a single product, open and integrated "intelligent Home Furnishing overall strategy, construction of intelligent Home Furnishing ecosystem, and through the sharing of resources in the field of ZTE technology, products, brands, channels, such as the wisdom of the city, promote the the landing and the popularity of smart products and services Home Furnishing. ZTE intelligent Home Furnishing field operations director Tian Bo summarizes the intelligent Home Furnishing existing single product experience is poor, lack of interoperability standards, service hard landing three pain points: a single product: the product experience, incremental innovation tone, focused on creating a router, camera, intelligent door lock three items, directly facing the end user, the depth of operations. Open: single product accumulation of users and industry influence on attracting developers cooperation and ecological chain partners to jointly build smart Home Furnishing ecosystem, improve the overall solution, service providers and real estate partners. Integration: incubation through investment, nurturing more potential ecological chain partners. So as to complete a single product to open, open to the integration, and then to a single product closed loop. At the meeting, ZTE also officially released two strategic new products: intelligent networking router and smart door locks. Among them, the intelligent Internet of things routers using the latest 802.11AC standard, dual band concurrent wireless rate up to 1200Mbps. And the router will also support the 802.15.4 Zigbee protocol, and equipped with 1 separate antennas to ensure that the Internet of things devices can get excellent signal coverage. It is reported that the new pre-sale price of the router is only 169 yuan, is expected to be available by the end of this year, the new product is divided into a music version of the enjoyment of the $1999 and $2999 edition, is expected to start in November 1st all the chips. The wisdom of life to be popularized, chip manufacturers, manufacturers need to integrate the module, system manufacturers, terminal manufacturers, service providers and other types of upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises, including ZTE, smart Home Furnishing still has a long way to go.相关的主题文章: