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"A dream of Red Mansions" in the poetry of "Golden Lotus" in the flesh – Sohu culture channel page first: "a dream of Red Mansions" full of poetic affluence, "Jin Ping Mei" in life and Dan, but often full of thrilling bright and dark, it can be roughly summarized in these two books in food. Wen Jinwen Chinese four great classical masterpiece, "the Water Margin" is to cut two pounds of beef or meat bun, eat is a wilderness of gas. The "Three Kingdoms" is full of political intrigue, a group of men can not attend perpendicular and horizontal, thin talk about eating, is the largest in Taoyuan qingmeizhujiu knot righteousness, probably even peanuts are not a wine. "Journey to the west" is a sub line and eat — monster to eat his flesh, but it is straight to the ever-young goal to go, eat without much ink. Only a dream of Red Mansions "all out, many details of the diet for scrutiny, later generations can thus write a" red "food spectrum. Then is the Department of the "Golden Lotus" debauch people and turn them into gangsters, food and color are almost equally important, in the book are not to mind taking the trouble of more than and 200 kinds of food, there are more than and 50 kinds of pasta is light. But a dream of Red Mansions "and" Jin Ping Mei "to eat is slightly different. In contrast the scholar Tian Xiaofei in" a dream of Red Mansions "and" Golden Lotus "said," a dream of Red Mansions "full of poetic affluence," Jin Ping Mei "in life and Dan, but often full of thrilling bright and dark, is an ugly." the adult world". This can also be summarized in the two books in the food. One of a dream of Red Mansions: milk sugar delicacy rice porridge. The Chinese eat unhealthy food Chinese like playing acrobatics, a variety of delicious be interpreted into a unique, simple boil dry silk, to cut hair thin knife, with cook for more than ten years; a feast in sauteed bean sprouts, bean sprouts in the core put into chicken. A variety of complicated processes to eat into the second, the argument has become the focus. "A dream of Red Mansions" in the ten chicken served "eggplant" Xifeng, listen carefully to the reader, can not help feeling of the rich variety of high-end atmosphere on the grade that like Liu grandmother. But sometimes the complicated process will reveal some vulgar. "The Golden Lotus", stuffed crab is a feast on the last meal, it is installed in the shell of the crab with ginger and garlic, pepper material m son Tuanfen wrapped, sesame oil and coal, brewing soy sauce, taste is fragrant, crisp good food". With incense, crisp, crisp taste to judge the crab is really Bo Tim Tin Mat, visible Simon home or northern people, do not know how to eat is to eat a steamed fish flavor. And a dream of Red Mansions "in the elegant girls, group engage in crab, crab feast, but also to the moon and drink wine, chat. Stuffed crab. Ximen Qing put the official banquet, eat is very curious, what cooking, Feng Fu, dragon liver gun sounds, everything is "The Classic of the Great Wilderness" on me. It is carp dragon liver pancreas, stir fried with lard, should be fresh, but it is nothing but water fish". Feng Fu is also called the "phoenix", is the chicken brain, add flour, salt, cooking wine and other spices, is fried with lard. Because the lard high temperature, the most suitable for stir. Probably the Chinese eat unhealthy lapped in luxury,.相关的主题文章: