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58 city employees: before overtime is normal Saturday off buckle 50 yuan CEO Yao Jinbo 58 city recently, the 58 city full implementation of 996 (traced to 9 in the morning to 9 at night, 6 days a week of work) caused by hot work. CEO Yao Jinbo 58 city micro-blog comments, many suspected 58 city employees and their families at the press force, captured, asked Yao Jinbo to explain. In the first article of micro-blog has thousands of comments, almost all related to 996. For this, the 58 city of JINGWAH Times reporter responded that the year 9, October is the peak stage of platform business flow, in order to deal with the business peak stage, mobilize every year 9, October there will be regular. 58 city also said that the company is not mandatory for all people to work in accordance with the "996" provisions, the company advocates departments continue to improve the ability of management and work efficiency, reasonable arrangement of work, rather than by using the extended working hours "force 996" requirement to management staff. However, in an interview with the Beijing News interview, a number of 58 city working experience informed sources, similar to the "996" overtime mobilization in the city was very common in 58. Ms. Wang worked in the city of 58 in Tianjin’s business sector, just leave last month. She said that in May this year, 58 to apply for jobs in the city, had been told that the end of the performance will be working overtime. However, when she found that after the entry, overtime is normal, "every day to work overtime, at the beginning of the month the average work time is 8, 9 months after the weekend, 2 days longer to rest." For such a pace of work, the company to give the argument is voluntary overtime, not only did not work overtime, if you do not want to work overtime, the need for extra leave, or even pay deduction. Ms. Wang said, his colleagues had a day off on Saturday, detained 50 yuan. Another two months away from the city of friends, said the work for a year and a half, every day to meet the meeting to report the amount of the task, the day of the task, the week of the task, the task of the month, is not fine to finish Chengdu. He explained that the fine are recorded in the working group, there is no public documents. In addition, finish the performance on weekdays, will hit the stairs, do push ups and other corporal punishment. More than 58 city employees confirmed that overtime is formulated by the department head, internal communication, weekend overtime without pay, but a lot of fine project. A former employee of the technical positions, before the formal introduction of "996" work, overtime has actually been there. There is a time to catch up with the client, the whole month I was eleven to work before two." However, in an interview with the Beijing News reporter, 58 city public relations department said, had not listened to the staff to reflect the above situation, the need for further verification and personnel to do the response.相关的主题文章: