Be moved! The value of 24 hours after he dived into the river to save a head back to life webquest

Be moved! The value of 24 hours after he first dived into the river to save a life back at 6:30 on the morning of November 7th, Jiaxing Tongxiang City Public Security Bureau 110 command center received a public warning, said there is an old City Zhenhua bridge drowning. After receiving the alarm, 110 command center immediately command Zhendong police station police on duty rushed to the scene of Zhang Jie. Received instructions, Zhang Jie rushed to the scene, on the way, he also received 110 command center of the phone told him that the old man is in the specific location of the bridge 300 meters west of china. 2 minutes later, Zhang Jie arrived at the scene, "I am far from the past, I saw a gray shadow floating in the water." At this time, South police station Xieqin Wu Yunhua also rushed to the scene, two people rushed off without demur on the equipment and coat, jumped into the water and swam towards the old man. The autumn cold said, with two people swimming in the river with silt is a terrible stench. Zhang Jie and Wu Yunhua slowly close to the elderly, from the old man set up on both sides of her, relying on a weak buoyancy, pushing the old man to the river bank. To the shore, with the help of the crowd, we will save the old man on the shore. "Zhang Jie (right) and Wu Yunhua (left) together to push the elderly to the riverbank. Perhaps because of the tension, the old man ashore after mumbling to himself, was confused, the old man’s son Sohn rushed, but to see his son, the old man began to thrill. Fortunately, after 120 emergency personnel to check, the elderly body no problem. Later, Sohn thanked Zhang Jie and Wu Yunhua, the old mother home. After the event, the reporter learned that Zhang Jie had been on duty for 24 hours before, but the old man rescued ashore, he did not go home to rest, but back to the police station for a suit of clothes, continue to finish the work at hand. He told reporters, as a police officer, this is what he should do.相关的主题文章: