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Unbelievable! 1 days baby "poo" many times, actually is normal? Sohu recently in maternal mommy know the platform is always received some similar advice: 1 treasure mother ask: baby more than 2 months of breastfeeding, the stool is very thin, there is always a little bit on the diaper, will feel fart out, diarrhea? 2 treasure mother ask: the baby 1 and a half months, breast feeding, dilute Baba pull, sometimes greenish, valve shape, this normal? 3 question: Treasure mother daughter 5 months, poop has been a little thin, a valve is going on? The author further asked general more babies, are these similarities: the baby was pure breast feeding, weight gain, good spirit, good appetite, in addition to "poo thin", and no other physical discomfort performance. In fact, in the face of the above situation, mothers do not need to worry Oh, we call it "physiological diarrhea", more common in infants under 6 months of age. What kind of diarrhea do not worry? Pure breastfeeding baby physiological diarrhea occurs in most cases, usually shortly after birth, diarrhea. As the number of stool (but not necessarily a lot of stool each time), sometimes a watery foam, sometimes accompanied by valve, poo yellow, golden yellow or green, no special smell, some babies will take a little shit in the fart also. The so-called physiological diarrhea, that is, in addition to increasing the number of stool in addition to the baby, there is no other symptoms. No fever, no vomiting, good appetite, good mental reaction, weight gain, growth and development are not affected. Why is there physiological diarrhea? So hey, why would increase the number of stool? Some scholars mentioned in the study, breastfeeding cause diarrhea, may be related to the following factors: high content of prostaglandin E2 1 some breast milk, which promote the movement of small intestinal smooth muscle, increase chloride secretion, inhibition of sodium absorption diarrhea caused [1]; high fat content in milk and some 2 mother, lipase and bile salt secretion in children insufficient, cause fat indigestion diarrhea [2]; 3 children with relatively inadequate secretion of lactase, enteral liquid increased promote intestinal peristalsis caused by diarrhea [3]. The content of nutrients in breast milk because of people, some baby breast milk growth and development of good, some children will be malnourished. In conclusion, if the diarrhea does not affect the nutritional status and growth and development of infants, valuable mothers do not have to because the number of stool and stop breastfeeding, and without the use of special drugs. However, some scholars think, can be appropriate to apply some probiotics, because probiotics can establish and promote the recovery of normal intestinal flora, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, regulate gastrointestinal function, promote the digestion and absorption of food use. Such as Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus and Streptococcus thermophilus can decompose the lactose in dairy produce, thereby increasing the lactose in the intestine of glycolysis, alleviate the symptoms of diarrhea, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, prevent bacterial enteritis [4]. When can the baby defecate normal? As the baby grows older,相关的主题文章: