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President Xi APEC CEO Summit keynote speech cited hot – Sohu news Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 20 November, global connections: China development is the opportunity of the world: President Xi APEC CEO Summit keynote speech cited hot Xinhua 2016 APEC Leaders Summit held in Lima, 19 in Peru. Xi Jinping, President of the State Council issued the theme of deepening partnership to enhance the momentum of development, the keynote speech, inside and outside the venue caused a strong response and resonance. Open economy, linkage development, partnership, destiny community…… These words have been repeatedly mentioned, they finally come to a common conclusion: China’s development will bring great opportunities to the world. The construction of an open economy resonated in the Lima conference, the Asia Pacific Free Trade Area has been widespread concern. In a speech the President Xi at the outset, to open is the lifeline of the Asia Pacific economy, emphasize the importance of the construction of an open economy and pointed out that "the construction of free trade area of the Asia Pacific, Asia Pacific strategic initiatives related to long-term prosperity". Thailand "Bangkok post" published an article pointed out that the President Xi’s speech to pass a clear signal to the outside world: Chinese stressed open economy will be more open, China is vigorously promoting and deepening cooperation in regional comprehensive economic partnership and the free trade area of the Asia Pacific Multilateral Trade mechanism, which will greatly benefit the global economic and trade development. In recent years, the development of international trade into the doldrums. The world trade organization expects global trade growth this year may be lower than the economic growth rate for fifth consecutive years. Asia Pacific faces the same pressure, but also to address the challenges of regional economic cooperation and other challenges. Strengthening international trade and investment to boost the global economy has become more urgent. Thailand Kaitai Bank Senior Vice President Cai Weicai told Xinhua that the Lima summit, the parties are hoping to China can play a leading role, new impetus to promote world economic development, President Xi on the construction of open economy, deepening the partnership speech to the people rebuild confidence. Juan, chairman of the Santiago stock exchange in Chile, said that he was very much in favor of President Xi’s discussion on the construction of the free trade area of the Asia Pacific region (). He said: "free trade has promoted the growth of the world economy as a whole, and we should establish the direction of development. I firmly believe that free trade can promote economic development and benefit the people." To promote the development of linkage by the current attention, the bottleneck of economic globalization, an important challenge is how to achieve a fair distribution of economic globalization. President Xi once again in the speech out of the Chinese Prescription: to promote the establishment of a comprehensive coverage of the entire Asia Pacific, complex interconnection network. Adelia J, President of Venezuela’s President Xi proposed in his speech to promote the construction of the two sides of the Pacific interoperability docking initiative agreed. He said that in the past few years, China actively promote "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, which will help developing countries in the Asia Pacific region shared regional and global economic development and integration into the global value chain. Peru ambassador Carlos? Kapunayi pointed out that Peru wants to use Chinese is promoting the "area)相关的主题文章: