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The environmental quality variation law enforcement are rarely as 10 city named Ministry of environmental protection – Beijing Youth Online (2 November, Beijing Youth Daily China? Youth online reporter Liu Shixin) Ministry of environmental protection today criticized the Taiyuan City, Qujing city in 10 cities, because this year 1-9 month, the city water environment or poor quality an or, an atmospheric environmental quality variation, but the local environmental protection departments but not with the corresponding increase in environmental law enforcement. Secretary for Environmental Supervision Bureau Tian Weiyong said that the revised environmental protection law implemented since January 1, 2015 to the local environmental protection departments of various means of law enforcement, including daily penalty, seizure of illegal sewage, illegal sewage equipment will be transferred to the public security organs and other personnel, but in reality, there are some areas did not make good use of the environmental law enforcement means. Even worsening environmental quality in the area, but the number of cases of environmental law enforcement situation is few. In other words, the poor quality of the environment within the jurisdiction of the law enforcement officers did not increase the law enforcement efforts to find the perpetrators. Tian Weiyong said, 1-9 month, the water quality of the environment an variation, small number of cases of Tongchuan City, Fuxin City, Liaoyuan City, Taiyuan City, Zhuhai city in 5 cities, an atmospheric environmental quality variation, the number of enforcement cases less of Qujing City, Shuozhou City, Qigihar City, Chizhou City, Baoji city 5 city. Tian Weiyong said nationwide, compared with the same period last year, the number of all kinds of cases are on the rise, continue to increase law enforcement efforts. The daily penalty number of cases increased by 16.5%, 88.6% increase in the number of cases for the seizure, the number of cases rose 31.9% for limited production cut. Transferred to administrative detention 2313, an increase of 78.9%; transferred to the public security organs suspected of Environmental Pollution Crimes from the beginning of the year, an increase of 20%.相关的主题文章: