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NBA regular season: Warriors vs spurs live address – NBA: prospective Sohu sports Beijing time on Wednesday October 26th at 10:30 in the morning, Oracle arena, basketball will broadcast the game: the history of the Sanantonio spurs best player Tim Duncan at the end of last season after retire, in order to make up for the left after Duncan left inside the vacancy, the team this summer the signing of Paul Gasol, the former Lakers winning hero and Aldridge will be a partner inside two people, whether the new season will be the perfect fusion in a certain extent about the Spurs record. The home team, the Jinzhou warriors lost their crown last season, in the offseason introduced superstar Kevin Durant, but the team last season, the main players Barnes Bogut and Essien Zeli et al have to leave down warriors inside the defensive strength, in addition to the introduction of Durant distribution after the ball and coach Cole needs to solve the problem. This game is the Spurs scored Jinzhou warriors win Oracle home court or the opener, let us wait and see. [against] vs [the Spurs game team warrior type] 2016-2017NBA NBA regular season [24] [live broadcast address] October 26, 2016 game time Tuesday morning at 10:30 am [NBA] – related channels live online video playback NBA – NBA video highlights NBA regular season warriors VS spurs analysis: win the opener [warriors lineup the Spurs will predict] Green injured, the rest of the main rotation players keep healthy; the warriors, no injuries reported. Is expected to debut: Spurs: Parke, Anderson, Leonard, Aldridge, Gasol, Thompson: Warriors curry, Durant, Green, [1] against both the status of patchogue Faria, ESPN news October 24th, according to Spurs Nation reported that spurs coach Greg Popovich in the team training today after the interview, he said the routine the game against the warriors opener they will miss the sidelined Danny Green, especially his defense. Green will be absent for three weeks because of a torn thigh muscle in his left thigh, "he said." against a team like that, his defense is more important to us than his offense. He will hit the ball and throw it, but on the defensive side, he is always important. It’s a big challenge to play against the warriors, a team that is very offensive." In 2, ESPN news October 24th, according to the "San Jose Mercury newspaper" reported that the new warriors regular season opener against the Spurs, but the new season spurs without Tim Duncan, who will retire this summer. "Yes, yes, it will be very strange," Raymond Green said, "but as we started know, one day it will eventually end, you are when you have the opportunity to devote myself, if you can get half of Duncan’s historical position. And you have done very well." [team style] 4相关的主题文章: