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Yin Weiru: next week to raise interest rates without too much probability gold prices rebounded bottom batch multiple clients to view the latest market to digest the fed in September 20-21 meeting on interest rate is only 15%, many people now expect the Fed will wait until after the general election in December policy meeting on interest rates. In addition, this week, Goldman Sachs in a report the Fed will raise interest rates in September from the previous forecast of 40% down to 25%. In addition, Goldman Sachs will also increase the probability of interest rate hike in December from the previous 30% to 40%. The federal funds rate futures show that the probability of a rate hike in December is now more than 50%, higher than the beginning of August 36% yesterday as the market expected next week, the Fed is unlikely to raise interest rates, gold at the end of the 5 Lianyin form, began to rebound, the daily recorded with a down lead line, the price of gold has rebounded bottom signs of beauty the highest intraday probe to $1325.7 an ounce, down $. The current market environment is still the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, which will also be the main factor in the gold trend, therefore, the market will focus on short-term u.s.. Today, the price of gold in early trading continued to be slightly above the $1320 shock trading, the day the Bank of England [micro-blog] will hold an interest rate meeting, due to the United Kingdom in August and CPI in July, the United Kingdom is still expected to cut interest rates. In addition, the world’s largest gold holdings of ETF gold holdings fell to the lowest point in June, investors in the fed before the meeting next week to wait and see. The assets of SPDRGoldShares Tuesday by 0.5%, to 935.49 tons, fell in June 24th to the lowest positions from July hit a three year high, some officials contributed to this year the Fed will U.S. monetary policy tightening speculation, which makes interest bearing assets less attractive than gold, the price of gold this year after until June gains stalled because of the interest rate, doubts and appreciation of the dollar caused investors cautious sentiment. The market finally because the Fed rate hike in September is expected to reduce and began to rise, the price of gold on Monday from near 1320 after a rebound, just stop in the vicinity of 1330, the daily recorded a gynecological hatched line, and no positive. Tuesday’s trend is still very weak, although the intraday break 1330, but failed to stand firm, but chose to continue callback. Wednesday finally changed, the price of gold in the bottom rebound, hit the 1313 day low began to rebound, the daily recorded with a column under the lead of Yang. The last trading day has been in the vicinity of 20 points choppy, the current price of gold is still in the weak trend of bottom, and today ushered in the Mid Autumn Festival, Wei Ru yesterday look back a few years ago, the Mid Autumn Festival and eleven, every time before the holidays, there is always a wave, and false period often rose a lot, so can batch long holidays such as the return of net money. In technical terms, brin necking with signs of wear under MA10 30 MA5 Sicha down, figure MACD in 0 axis near the adhesive, but smart index STO make MACD in the vicinity of 20. On the day of operation, the first to focus on yesterday’s low 1313 near the support situation, such as once again below the words, or will test down 1310.相关的主题文章: