Wang Shoufu was the first to earn 100 million yuan a goal 1760 a did not reach the Sohu securities 姉summer

Wang Shoufu was the first to earn 100 million yuan a "goal": 1760 A shares did not reach the Sohu securities on Monday are the circle of friends "goal" to refresh it, so subtle, Wuli Wang Jianlin’s richest man had the skill to show off or very rare, after all the past is "proud face": "our goal is to let Disney in Shanghai in 20 years and can not profit." What is the concept of "small target" in Figure 1 hundred million? In this regard, the wages for a long time to find the lotus to see how long it can reach. Well, for the rest of my life, and for the rest of my life…… Is it enough or not?. Or look at the richest man’s A shares Wanda cinema, the company has just disclosed semi annual report, the first half operating income of 5 billion 722 million yuan, an increase of 64.12%, net profit of 805 million yuan, an increase of 28.05%. Earned 805 million yuan in the first half, $100 million of its net profit of $18. 100 million yuan, for the film and television industry chain leading companies, it seems it is not difficult. But recently, Wanda Group won 8 billion 100 million yuan in the first European theaters, global cinema will be contracted with the richest man! But this news with pictures, the richest man after all do not have a representative sample, are here give you some 2 "chestnut". 11760 A shares did not reach the small target of one hundred million, can be difficult. Look in the A shares, lotus count up to now has about 2500 companies to disclose semi annual report, the median operating income of these companies is about 700 million yuan, net profit median is about about 50000000, nearly 300 enterprises suffered losses. Up to now, according to the semi annual report has been disclosed in the first half, only 855 companies net profit of $100 million to achieve a small target, the 1760 show non-compliance". In other words, the whole, most of the A-share listed companies, A net profit of 100 million yuan or hard. 2 domestic stars: small fresh meat for millions of one hundred million, can also be easily! According to the rumors of the data, the domestic small meat fee of 100 million horizontal lines. According to the "Forbes" latest global list of top earning actress Fan Bingbing, ten, according to reports, Fan Bingbing in the past year (June 2015 to June 2016) with revenues of $17 million, equivalent to more than 100 million yuan, is really worthy of the name of the "giants". Buddy have dense feel "no harm no more?!" They want to say, 100 million yuan is only static digital, dynamic salary growth rate of the stars of the "Gang of more people stay". This is probably worth too amazing, recently also alerted to the Commission and the State Administration of radio: August 26th, the State Press and Publication Administration of the party in the central discipline inspection department Web site publicity for the center of the first inspection teams visited the rectification briefing, said the issue will be shot to curb price for tablet "and the star show etc.. On the same day, CCTV news channel broadcast "price paid" special news, the actor paid;相关的主题文章: