Taxi money will be based on factors such as cost, price adjustment 下北glory days

The taxi "money" will be based on the cost, freight and other factors to adjust the Ministry of transport announced 9 new "taxi driver qualification regulations" and "cruising taxi business service management regulations", in the development of the taxi industry positioning, the driver enterprise benefit distribution and driver examination, registration, continuing education and other aspects the adaptation. Taxi driver qualification management regulations will be implemented on October 1st this year. Regulations clearly, taxi driver qualification includes the parade taxi driver qualification and network appointment taxi driver qualification. According to regulations, the parade taxi driver qualification examination of regional subjects is the local taxi policy and regulations, the operation of regional human geography and transportation routes with regional service characteristics of knowledge testing. Network booking taxi driver qualification examination of regional subjects is the knowledge of the local taxi regulations and other laws and regulations. The new regulations on the contents of the car driver test network to do the utmost to simplify the registration and cancellation of the company through the platform to the issuing authority of the location of the taxi administrative departments to prepare to complete. "Taxi rental business management regulations" will be implemented on November 1st this year. In view of the problem of "money" of the taxi, the taxi operators need to adjust the standard of the contract fee or the quota task according to the operating cost and the change of the freight rate. According to reports, the two documents in the revision process for advice throughout the transportation departments, as an important supporting rules to deepen reform of taxi industry, will promote the parade car upgrade and standardize the network about the car business, promote new and old format integration development provides legal guarantees.相关的主题文章: