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What’s wrong with the world? Why did the two elect the president of the United States? Sohu technology, which is the biggest joke on the left in 2016, Republican candidate Donald · Trump, is a classic bastard. He was lying, cheating, discrimination against women and minorities. However, in the eyes of many people, he is very cute. Compared with the traditional Hilary and other politicians, Trump even make irresponsible remarks, absolutely true to life the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures. Even if almost all of the states of the media are backward in his rival, his supporters still believe that this is because the election was rigged. On the right, the Democratic candidate Hilary · Clinton, is a classic politician. The former first lady, Senator, the most diligent Secretary of state in history, has a wealth of political experience, but also from 90s scandal. She may not be the most suitable candidate, but when her rival is Trump, the elite have no choice. This is a battle: There was no parallel in history. which makes this year’s presidential election into a large Madden reality show the fate of the world. What is it that led to the two people who came out for the presidency of the United States, the only superpower in the world? What’s wrong with the world? Over the past few decades, globalization has brought wealth to the world, but the wealth is not evenly distributed. In this regard, former World Bank economist Blanco · Milan, Norwich put forward the legendary elephant chart: globalization is the main beneficiary of emerging economies and the world’s richest 1% of the population. Elephant chart, named after an elephant. The ordinate is the accumulation level of the global wealth from 1988 to 2008, while the abscissa is the distribution of different income levels. The A point in the figure shows the median of the global distribution of wealth, 910 of which comes from China and India, their wealth increased by a factor of 5.6 and a factor of 2.3. C is the richest 1%, half of them Americans, and they benefit from globalisation. However, there is little growth in the B population, 710 of which are from developed countries, and those in the middle and lower classes. Although some people criticized the "elephant chart" exaggeration, but it clearly reflects a trend of Globalization: ignore the feelings of the people in the lower developed countries. With the shift from labor-intensive manufacturing to developing countries, low skilled blue collar workers have lost their jobs. On the one hand, migrant workers and foreign workers are much cheaper than they are, on the other hand they can not engage in a higher level of work. Some economists say this is national distribution policy, globalization is unworthy to blame. However, the majority of developed countries in the B blue collar looked at the A point and C point high revenue growth, it is natural to anger at these two goals: 1, developing countries. Including their workers, goods and immigrants. 2, elite class. They lift me up by a bunch of invisible operations相关的主题文章: