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Politics is the style changes this woman to fail? Sohu (international scholars comment on Xia Wenhui) if people get ready for dozens of days ago is still a "woman rule" in the world, the current global politics is the style changes, South Korean female president has the power of hanging, women in the United States presidential ambitions in the general election broken. When this occasion people remember Angela? Merkel, next year the German election, she will seek re-election, the odds geometry? The political authority of the German magazine "Der Spiegel" magazine in 2015 had reported that Merkel has decided to seek re-election again in 2017 the Bundestag election, that she has been with the general secretary of the CDU and CSU Peter Tauber? Sister party leaders agreed the plan, announced his campaign for re-election in early 2016. However, the year is approaching, Merkel has not publicly released any tone. But the opposition party, had to give up the election in 2017 of the German Social Democratic Party has challenged thought in the ruling coalition of the CDU; in opposition to Merkel’s voice began to appear, some local leaders especially CSU, repeatedly urged Merkel to correct its immigration policy, some radical party members and even a threat to disband. Opinion polls, in August this year, the situation shows that 50% of the German people, that is half of the people, against Merkel as Prime Minister for the fourth time. It was rare during the Merkel administration. Merkel public opinion decline, there is only one reason: Immigration policy. Last September, Merkel almost decided to open the border to persist in wilfully and arbitrarily refugees, and said that Germany does not intend to set an upper limit on the number of immigrants, then about one million refugees to Germany, Germany more cause social and safety pressure, and in the middle of the year with the continuous occurrence of immigration related violence (terrorist), local people’s grievances broke a few times, then the state election included in the Merkel constituency of Mecklenburg Vorpommern, CDU failed. Public opinion became convinced that a nursing female Prime Minister for 11 years in Germany no longer enjoy public support behoove. Merkel opened the door to refugees entirely to the emotional and political call. She was born in Germany, was a Protestant, a deep sympathy for the suffering of civilians living in the bottom, when she represented the German open to refugees, it is a manifestation of a politician of human nature, but also a dangerous dementia. At first she believed in Germany’s ability to accept, but did not estimate how fierce the influx of refugees, and some extremists also wrapped into germany. When security threats, more people choose to lay down the German humanitarian. Merkel stood on the opposite side of public opinion. Now a focus of public opinion is that if Merkel announced re-election plan, voters will not abandon her? The world has gone through Britain’s "referendum" and the United States after the election, and it is believed that nothing is impossible; another concern is what will happen to Europe without Merkel? From the German politics, the opposition Social Democrats are not ready to elect a competitor, but the CDU inside, some people suspect Xu Shuo Yi or Buller can replace Merkel, but the 74 year old finance ministers don’t intend to set off. So, unless Merkel had nothing,.相关的主题文章: