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Nearly 80 tons of hazardous waste or illegal dumping blocked companies involved being sued – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Luoyang on August 25th news (reporter Zhou Yifan Li Fan) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that in June this year, two large trucks from Inner Mongolia Yidong group Dongxing chemical limited liability company loaded with nearly 80 tons of mercury hazardous waste — waste mercuric chloride catalyst after leaving, in accordance with the transfer of hazardous waste manifest that these hazardous wastes must be transported to the recycling of Guizhou Tongren company. However, when they arrived in Henan, the goods were divided into two batches, illegally transported and dumped in Luoyang and Changge. Why will the dangerous goods shipped to Henan? And when shipped? In June this year, Guizhou Tongren Townsun mercury industry limited company reached an agreement with Inner Mongolia ITO group Dongxing Chemical Co., 785 thousand tons of waste mercuric chloride catalyst, from Inner Mongolia Zhuozi County pull recycling to Guizhou. However, on the second day, the hazardous waste in Henan Province, of which 39 tons of waste mercuric chloride catalyst were dumped illegally in the territory of Luoning County of Luoyang city company hospital, the rest of the hazardous waste in Beijing high-speed service area of Changge seized by law enforcement officers. Changge Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau law enforcement brigade captain Yang said, "I received a report at 9 in the morning, I went to the direct drive, Beijing and Hong Kong and Macao Changge Qiu Zhuang service area, his car to the stop. It is not the main five single." The media sort, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the transfer of hazardous waste must be five single, transport vehicles must also be hazardous chemicals vehicles with obvious signs. From the point of view of the disclosure of the contents of the single, transport units and transport problems. Luoyang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of solid waste management center secretary Zhang Zhiwei said that the actual unit is an individual vehicle, the single fill is a hazardous waste transport qualification against transport vehicles. For nearly 80 tons of hazardous waste disposal in the incident, the Ministry of environmental protection in July 27th held a coordination meeting of the three provinces. Changge Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau law enforcement brigade captain Yang introduction, he is the first to pull to Guizhou, in the country like Guizhou was the only mercury catalyst processing ability, is the Guizhou Environmental Protection Bureau here, looking for a qualified enterprises, find a vehicle transport quality information away. In many coordination, hazardous waste at No. 20 this month, were loaded and shipped to Guizhou, Guizhou environmental protection office, a person familiar with the matter, the hazardous waste has been sealed, involved Townsun mercury industry is to be the end of the rectification rectification, enterprises before the start of treatment of hazardous waste. Illegal transshipment of dumping behind the event there are many doubts. Dongxing Chemical Co., Ltd. as a hazardous waste production side in the transfer of the nature of the vehicle is no doubt? Is there any duty of supervision of the process of copper and mercury industry? In addition, the other 6 furniture industry waste disposal qualification of mercuric chloride catalyst company, also will jointly Townsun report to the Ministry of environmental protection, that is waste mercuric chloride catalyst was reselling for illegal indigenous smelting of mercury, the truth and how? A series of doubts waiting for the investigation of public security organs. At present, Guizhou Copper Industry Co. Ltd Tongren Xin mercury transport, because of illegal dumping of hazardous waste, is the social responsibility of enterprises in Henan province to promote the center to court, Luoyang court has accepted the case. This is Henan.相关的主题文章: