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Dry cargo lactation note new mother – maternal lactation Sohu must be pregnant? Lactation will not be pregnant? A lot of new mothers think lactation is a safe period, in fact, is the wrong idea, breast-feeding is likely to be pregnant. In general, fertility decreases during lactation, but this does not mean that there is no fertility. Although your mother may not be a few months after the menstrual period, but your body will usually be the first time in the first menstrual cycle after the first egg production. In other words, until two weeks after the menstrual cycle, you will know that they have ovulation. Prior to this, if you have sexual life without the use of contraception, it is possible to be pregnant during lactation. When lactating women, ovarian function was inhibited, in theory, is not easy to conceive. But there are reports that lactating women can be pregnant 5 weeks postpartum. Pregnancy is a very complicated process, so that breastfeeding is not safe. If you are breastfeeding, and breast-feeding during the day and night, you may not be in the postpartum period of up to 1 years. If your baby is sleeping all night long, your fertility will probably recover faster. Generally within 3 to 8 months postpartum. If your baby is mixed feeding, so too. In other words, the baby milk more frequently, your menses time may be more late. Experts believe that this is because breast milk will prevent the body’s secretion of hormones to promote ovulation. But if you are breastfeeding as the only form of contraception, be very careful. Want the lactation contraception effect, you also need to follow the lactational amenorrhea method, this method is not only simple for breastfeeding, but also needs to satisfy the other two conditions, one is 6 months postpartum, two is you not to menstruation. However, even if you are satisfied with the three conditions, there is still the possibility of pregnancy during lactation, although this possibility is small. So note that even if you are breastfeeding, you may begin to ovulate 3 months after delivery. And you probably don’t even know when you ovulate. So, if you want to make sure you don’t get pregnant, you have to take some kind of birth control every time you have sex. You can also learn more about whether your menstrual cycle will be the same as before. Lactation can perm it? Can you do your hair during breast feeding? Finish the month after, looked at her long hair care, many mothers are like in lactation trim hair, ironed hair or give hair a nice color, let the beautiful from the "head". So lactation can do hair? Maternity experts believe that breast-feeding perm on the health of mother and baby are affected, although the perm and perm agent is coated on the mother’s hair, but the use of perm styling agent, Hair Coloring chemical composition in the paste steaming program may be absorbed into the body through the scalp, then enter breast milk through the circulation of the blood, absorbed by the child, the impact on the baby. Even if the perm agent in breast milk concentration is not high, but because of the baby’s liver and kidney function is not perfect, detoxification ability is poor, prone to perm agent chemical accumulation, which is very detrimental to the baby’s health相关的主题文章: