Insight the independent brand positive naughty怎么读

Insight: the independent brand "positive" written copy, had been found hard to remove the independent brand label, when a company’s product with a classic models similar to time as long as the change in the standard of this kind of behavior can be deceptive, in fact, is a kind of active brand to give up. Fortunately, more and more independent car prices have been gradually out of the reverse development stage, although the reverse is only one word, but behind it is a rebirth of Phoenix Nirvana like road. When the Tencent independent brand car season starts, this insight will also for everyone to sort out the independent brand "positive" road. From the figure is not difficult to see, before and after 2013 is independent brand collective positive peak, and after the positive development of more mature, more of a new generation of products have been fully landed, Geely bullyear, trumpchi GS4, Ai Ruize 5 and other models can be regarded as independent brands by inverse positive on the road model. But this road is not that in order to completely break the Everything is going smoothly., reverse development, Chery would give up independent sales champion and in a very long period of time has not launched a new car, Geely is the three major brands are already well established to recover the full return of a geely. It is gratifying that the independent brands in the R & D investment can be described as large. Only the "12th Five-Year" period, SAIC independent brand of R & D investment has reached 45 billion yuan, FAW Group and Beiqi Group invested in about 30000000000 yuan, Guangzhou Automobile Group, Dongfeng Group, R & D investment billions of billions of yuan. At the same time, the investment in new energy has become a very important branch of independent brand R & D investment. Go out, is becoming a new direction of independent brand positive way, adding a large number of overseas R & D center building, more and more international talents, the independent brand development more clout. In Beijing as an example, not only have to spend billions to build Asia’s largest R & D base, as well as Holland and Italy R & D center; Changan has the seven global collaborative innovation development system; and Chery’s T1X platform in the development process introduced from Jaguar Land Rover, qoros international team…… After years of efforts, some of which by the positive development of independent brands is gradually recognized by the market, and these models either design or manufacturing process, have been fully beyond the previous generation of products. However, in this sales success or failure of the market environment, not all of the positive development of its own products can be achieved with its input proportional to sales feedback. For one thing, netizens is how to see it, Xiaobian specially selected several classic comments. "By inverse conversion", is not only an important change in their own brand of ongoing, pushing it towards more "China manufacturing" or even "Chinese made progress. Fortunately, the bumpy road did not stop their footsteps. From the technical research and development products to positive positive positive, independent brand is a step out of the "positive", all of which are to be eligible to stand on to the world stage.相关的主题文章: