Fed rate hike is expected to increase this week, the dollar rose wegener肉芽肿

This week the Fed rate hike is expected to increase the dollar rose [Abstract] this Friday, the pound against the dollar fell 1.782% to $1.3004; the euro against the dollar fell 0.7738% to 1.1158., USDJPY rose 0.18% to 102.28 yen. According to the Market Watch article, on Friday, the euro and the pound have been rising, because the United States announced the inflation data far exceeded expectations. At the same time, the Mexico Peso against the U.S. dollar fell sharply, and hit a new low. The decline in crude oil prices has increased the volatility of the foreign exchange market. Crude oil prices fell 1.6% to $43.20 a barrel. The pound fell 1.782% against the dollar to $1.3004 on Friday, and the euro fell by $0.7738% to $1.1158., up to $102.28 against the yen. U.S. CPI rose 0.2% in August, including food and energy prices, core CPI rose by 0.3%. FXTM Market Research Institute Vice President Jameel Ahmad said: "although the United States in August CPI data has been determined next week, the Fed will probably raise interest rates again, but I personally think that this will lead to fluctuations in the foreign exchange market for investors, the Fed rate hike will make them surprised." Dollar index rose 0.7% to $87.13. Dollar against the Mexico Peso rose 1.4477% to $19.60. This week the dollar appreciated 4.1% against the Mexico peso. The peso is the worst performing currency in all emerging markets. The reason why the Mexico Peso devaluation of such a magnitude, the main reason is the international oil prices continue to fall. In addition, the polls show that the U.S. presidential election, candidate Trump obvious advantages, while Trump is an out and out protectionism. His dominant trade protectionism could hurt Mexico’s export economy. Investors are waiting for next week’s fed meeting on interest rates and the Bank of Japan’s monetary policy decision next week. The yen is expected to be relatively stable next Monday, as the Japanese market closed next Monday. Some traders expect the Bank of Japan will tighten the loose policy, the Japanese government to buy the scale will be more flexible. There are some investors expect the Bank of Japan will take more stimulus, such as further cut interest rates, increase the size of the bond purchase. Societe Generale Bank in Tokyo, foreign exchange and money market leader Kyosuke Suzuki said investors are now waiting for the decision of the Bank of japan. Now investors are difficult to choose, in the end how to invest in the next step. After the media reported the Bank of Japan’s monetary policy will take the next week, investors were divided into two factions, some believe that the Bank of Japan will tighten policy stimulus, another school of thought is that the Bank of Japan will further expand stimulus. Japan’s finance minister said in an interview on Friday, in the end what kind of monetary policy to follow, all decided by the Bank of japan. He shied away from the idea that Japan’s economy needs to adopt a policy of negative interest rates. For the Japanese commercial banks against the central bank to take further negative interest rates.相关的主题文章: