A cat, has its own art galleries, cafes and hotels – Sohu maternal and child carmex润唇膏

A cat, has its own art galleries, cafes and hotels – mother and son of the Sohu to open the door to the snow magic, witnessed another country in the parallel world. The Magic Kingdom, there lived a cat and rabbit’s city, they have little power, solidarity, optimism is warm; a spirit living, lush forest Finn, their strong self-esteem, but love practical joke sincere kindness, brave invincible. There is also the devil control, the grim death forest, they are extremely cruel, no soul, actually very poor; and live in the mountains of the beautiful witch, and hidden in the deep sea ugly sea monster. Here in addition to forest, and the desert, snow, volcano and the sea, and is the patron saint of snow from the north of God and his men santa. In many parts of the world, "Dayan" has its own museum, theme boutique, leather workshop, cafe, beach theme hotel; at the same time the publication of picture books, novels, travel notes, exhibition, animation etc.. Ocean is a special cat. How much is the birth of his childhood was shaking heaven and earth, the ocean is how happy and happy, canbelin first came to Vacchi Field’s adventure. All in all, from "Da Yang came to Vacchi Field" began. Ikeda Shoko, born in 1950 in Tokyo, Japan, the world famous painter, in addition to painting, but also to write a lot of literary fiction and children’s books. In 1987, Vacchi Field and Dayan began writing stories, and created a series of essays and sketches of travels, but also for the Japanese textbook illustrations, is active in many fields. "Da Yang cat novel series · first series", double helix culture.相关的主题文章: