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RMB officially joined the SDR can bring what dividends? China News Agency, Beijing, September – (reporter Wei Xi) – on October 1st, the RMB will be officially joined the International Monetary Fund Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket, weight third, second only to the dollar and the euro. RMB into the basket, what will bring dividends? Bonus: the RMB exchange rate is more stable, reserve currency status upgrade". RMB officially joined the SDR basket, holding the International Monetary Fund, the bank for International Settlements, the world bank and other international organizations of the RMB assets will increase, resulting in capital inflows will contribute to the stability of RMB exchange rate. Rough estimate, this part of the inflow of RMB assets will be more than ten billion U.S. dollars of funds. In addition, the reserve currency status of the RMB has also been officially recognized. At present, the International Monetary Fund have been revised accordingly reserve currency composition Statistics survey, RMB is incorporated and listed separately. "This means that both the International Monetary Fund, or 189 of its members are to admit new Renminbi to become a reserve currency, we believe that in a relatively short period of time, the RMB in the share of international reserve currency will rise from 1.13% to 4%, and this is only the calculation of central banks investors." Zhou Chengjun, deputy director of the central bank monetary policy two, told reporters. Dividend of two, the RMB in the international demand steadily. Bank of China Institute of international finance, a senior researcher Zhong Hong believes that from the market perspective, the current demand for RMB internationalization is steadily improving. Earlier, a survey showed China Bank of global enterprises from 32 countries and regions, 77% of enterprises believe that the degree of internationalization of the RMB will be increasing, 44% of enterprises believe that in the next period of time the RMB will likely become a major international currency after us and euro dollar, more than 70% overseas enterprises said the next period time will be used in cross-border trade settlement in RMB or continue to use. Zhang Yimin, Professor of finance at CEIBS, said that the weight of the SDR is mainly determined by the amount of money used in international trade, and that the weight is adjusted for five years. The RMB "into the basket", with the development of economy and China China foreign investment, trade, and China countries when dealing with the use of RMB settlement amount increased to RMB in 2020 to increase the weight that is a natural thing". According to Renmin University of China preparation of RMB internationalization index shows that the end of last year, the index is about 3.6%, and the weight of RMB in the SDR basket in 10.92% compared to the larger gap, so experts expect the official "into the basket", the international use of the renminbi will be expanded in a period of time. Dividend of three, more international financial institutions business space. Zhou Chengjun said that the RMB has become an international investment reserve currency, is still far from complete international goals. Next, the renminbi to become an international financial transaction currency, which means to further open up financial markets, so that domestic investors to participate in the international market to go out相关的主题文章: