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Sunyard operating cash flow continued to be negative recombinant network Aetna variables exist Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take you can always keep my Sunyard operating cash flow continued to be negative recombinant network Aetna variables exist hacking "shadow dream instrument, although Gao Suying still Guo Sunyard (600571.SH) acquisition KingNet Aetna is the Shanghai stock exchange two inquiries, but up to now have not yet returned, both recombinant results or variables exist. In September 11th, said the key to accept the "network Aetna chairman China business newspaper" interview with reporters, the company is also preparing related materials, to disclose specific details. However, as the restructuring side Sunyard, are already facing enormous financial pressure. Sunyard semi annual report shows that the net cash flow from operating activities on the first half of the -2.01 billion, while last year was -1.91 billion yuan. Not difficult to see from the data generated, Sunyard operating cash flow continued to be negative, still need to raise the funds required for acquisition of network aetna. In addition, the key moment in the reorganization, many computers & cooperation and network Aetna card trading center was hacked, causing the program to work. Let the network Aetna product safety once again become the focus of media attention. At present domestic network Aetna commodities in the forward market, Bika market the largest group of IT software supplier, occupy more than half of the overall market share. But from the current situation, get information, Hang Seng Electronics (600570, SH) and other segments of the market accelerated to catch up, dominant position in this field already crumbling network aetna. Beijing Technology and Business University Business School professor, Ministry of finance accounting qualification assessment center expert Wang Fengjuan believes that due to cash flow from operating activities Sunyard continued to be negative, the acquisition of network Aetna Book existing currency funds, the remaining funds can meet the existing business activities of consumption, Sunyard business will have a direct impact. Some experts said that by the network Aetna industry supervision, lack of product safety, suspected illegal trading incidents, Sunyard acquisition network Aetna may be frustrated. Valuation problems on exchange information early in June 6th this year, the Shanghai Stock Exchange on restructuring matters sent Sunyard network Aetna transactions, letter of inquiry, "the reorganization of the main risk of the underlying asset valuation of the underlying asset" business development "put forward 11 questions and requirements of listed companies supplemental disclosure of the underlying asset performance to maintain rapid growth, the specific reasons for the higher valuation and rationality. In addition, the Commission also again in July 22nd to the inquiry letter to ask the Commission Sunyard bursts of 28, raised a number of doubts about the alleged intends to issue shares and fund-raising to buy assets including the network Aetna, downstream customers in various types of commodity trading center if there is illegal operation, require the company to self-examination product conforms to the national regulations and other issues have been repeatedly mentioned. Request feedback within 30 working days. However, from the Shanghai Stock Exchange to send "Sunyard Commission review of administrative licensing items feedback notice" has been more than in January, while the Shanghai Stock Exchange on to相关的主题文章: