Frequent incidents of sexual abuse of children open the case or just the tip of the iceberg 下北glory days

Frequent incidents of child sexual abuse cases publicly or just "the tip of the iceberg" November 5th news, recently, Hunan, Hebei, Sichuan and other places have been exposed a series of girls’ sexual assault incident, stinging public’s nerves. On the one hand, the girls have been raped frequently the case caused great attention from all walks of life, survival and development status of children has been greatly improved, the suspect has been legal punishment. On the other hand, reporter combing through the sexual abuse of children in recent years on the event of a group of figures, found that the protection of girls still has a long way to go. Behind these numbers is endless pain. Almost every day with the case of sexual abuse of children engaged in public welfare organization long-term exposure data Chinese sexual abuse prevention education, children’s culture and art foundation girls Protection Fund (hereinafter referred to as the "girl") released data show, according to incomplete statistics, from 2013 to 2015 three years, all over the country by the media exposure of the case of sexual abuse of children from a total of 968 the children, more than 1790 people. In 2015, the average daily exposure to the case of sexual abuse of children up to 0.95, almost every day there are 1 cases of child sexual abuse incidents. This year, the exposure of the case of sexual abuse of children with the same period last year. In addition, the frequency of the relevant cases in the Chinese referee instruments network is also higher. Reporter survey found that only in October, the people’s courts around the country openly indecent or rape cases there are nearly 10 cases of young girls. The case at the end of October, Hunan Changde City, Shimenn County, a whistleblower in the local government portal "magistrate mailbox message, reflecting the more than and 10 year old niece who was raped, causing serious damage to physical and mental. Subsequently, this event is a number of media reported in early November. Shimenn County Public Security Bureau responded that the informants reflect the situation basically true, the public security departments have been accepted as one of criminal cases. November 3rd, the suspect was arrested by the Shimenn County Public Security Bureau in accordance with legal procedures to prosecutors. The reporter language with a large number of child sexual abuse incident was exposed, this problem has attracted more and more attention from all sectors of society and government departments. How people wish, in the news of the world, in the future can be less, and less so cruel and sad story. 12 to 14 years old children and vulnerable population data girls protection statistics, girls were victims of the 2015 publicly reported sexual assault cases in 0 to 7 years is 58; 7 to 12 years old and 115 years old to 14 years old; 12 of the 123 cases, 7 to 14 year old victim accounted for 70%. Case of the Chinese referee instrument network in October announced a case in January of this year, the defendant and a young girl in the hotel and other places 3 sexual relations. The court found that the victim was born in 2002 before and after the Spring Festival, the incident has not yet been a birthday (ie, less than 14 years of age). In accordance with the provisions of the criminal law, rape of young girls under fourteen years of age, to rape and severely punished. The defendant’s behavior constituted the crime of rape, was sentenced to imprisonment in six years and seven months. Expert opinion "protection of girls’ one of the sponsors, Sun Xuemei believes that the 12 to 14 year olds the number of victims is more, this to a certain extent on the stage of compulsory education for children of self-protection and prevention education and lack of sexual abuse as children age.相关的主题文章: