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The masses of   two Sichuan companies on the "list" safe production "blacklist" – Sichuan Channel – October 14 Chengdu Xinhua (Hong Zhu) enterprises illegal production, will be included in the production safety record "blacklist". Recently, Sichuan Province announced in 2016 the first batch of provincial safety production and business units to record the "black list", Sichuan Daxian Dazhou Changlong Industry & Trade Co. Ltd. of Yibin County of Junlian coal mine and Sichuan Chang Hao Ba Hui Long coal limited liability company due to illegal production behavior "list". This is the provincial production safety blacklist information published for the first time in Sichuan Province, safety supervision departments will focus on supervision of incorporated into the "black list" management of production and business units, strengthen law enforcement and inspection frequency, such as tracking the discovery of new safety violations, will be severely dealt with according to the law, supervise the integrity of law-abiding production units and implement safety responsibility, promote the construction of credit system of safe production. It is reported that the two companies are the masses and verified the existence of illegal behavior. Among them, Sichuan Yibin city Junlian County Huilong Artemisia dam coal limited liability company due to the presence of unauthorized mining in tailentry the assignments, and the residual mining ventilation system still not formed the organization of production operations and other illegal acts, Junlian County Safety Supervision Bureau shall be ordered to suspend production for rectification of the enterprise and shall impose a fine of 1 million 30 thousand yuan. Sichuan county and Dazhou City prosperous trade limited company of Chang coal mine due to the presence of unauthorized unsealing confined, increased mining point of production, the ventilation system is not perfect, not reliable, explosive articles management confusion and other illegal acts, Dalcheon administration accountability to the safe production of coal mine suspend production for rectification and impose a fine of 2 million 150 thousand yuan for the enterprise in accordance with the law; at the same time, the mine for explosive supplies management confusion Dalcheon District Public Security Bureau was fined 200 thousand yuan. Relevant person in charge told reporters in Sichuan province Safety Supervision Bureau, in accordance with the "Sichuan Provincial People’s Government Safety Committee on the establishment of enterprise production safety" blacklist "system of guidance", the existence of serious illegal production and management behavior, construction of major safety accident (accident occupation disease) hidden rectification ineffective situation of production and business units will was included in the "blacklist" safety production management, the provincial production safety blacklist management for a period of 12 months, the management after the expiration of the period approved by the relevant departments of acceptance, removed from the provincial production safety information in the "black list". In the future, where the provincial production safety blacklist of enterprises will be pushed to the credit information sharing platform in Sichuan Province, the relevant departments to carry out joint disciplinary. (commissioning editor Yuan Hanling and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章: