The typhoon rainfall north of Xiamen weakened gradually acquired sunny temperatures up to 33 C 女f4

The typhoon rainfall north of Xiamen weakened gradually acquired high temperature up to 33 degrees up Xiamen – Xiamen daily news (reporter correspondent Wang Yin Lei) 2016 Mid Autumn Festival will weather history at Xiamen and Fujian typhoon history left a deep imprint. No. fourteenth typhoon "Meranti" on this day of direct attack Xiamen, landing in Xiangan, wild storms caused great destruction to the city by the tide of momentum, also set a number of meteorological records. The meteorological department forecast, today "Meranti" clouds will linger in the periphery of Xiamen, bringing showers, thunderstorms weather to give us, local area will have heavy rain. Special attention is needed, today the city’s geological disaster risk level to the "orange", geological disasters landslides and possibility, the public should pay attention to strengthen the prevention, living in the area or the retaining wall of the mountain residents to be cautious. Tomorrow the rain was reduced, the temperature rise, to the day after tomorrow we will usher in a sunny hot weather. Why "Meranti" so terrible? Answers can be obtained from satellite imagery. Around Taiwan island "Meranti" is in fact by the central range of Taiwan harm: it is torn peripheral circulation. But, like cutting the fruit peel, flesh eaten, the rest of the hard nut. No and can destroy the moranti eye wall of typhoon eye – edge storm the strongest local central range of Taiwan. This kind of change, the "Meranti" into a sturdy piece of head. In the traction guide flow under the "Meranti" firmly toward the northwest direction, eventually crashed into Xiamen. "10 wind circle radius of moranti" is only 50 kilometers, is a small scale typhoon, but it too well, on the west side of the typhoon eye energy the most concentrated part from the southeast to the northwest, completely overshadowed the whole territory of Xiamen, this is why the sleepless night rain. By the sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" peripheral northerly airstream, the 18 day of Xiamen rain clouds dispersed, the red sun hung, at the highest temperature about 33 DEG C. The weather in Xiamen today [] 25 ~31 OC day: cloudy to cloudy with showers or thunderstorms, heavy rain in some areas at night: cloudy to cloudy, southerly winds turn northerly winds 2-3 humidity: 70%-95% 25 -32 OC all day long tomorrow cloudy to cloudy afternoon rain or thunderstorms array northerly wind wind 2 to level 3 acquired 25 DEG -33 DEG cloudy all day long northerly wind wind 2-3 meteorological station yesterday 22相关的主题文章: