Hongwei · emerald city happy picking Festival moon cake diy sweet ending iptd-651

Hongwei · emerald city happy picking Festival moon cake DIY sweet ending everyone said, September is the harvest season. In such a fruitful weekend, an invigorating autumn climate, with one family, to the emerald city organic vegetable garden picking vegetables, enjoy the warmth of the sun to the autumn, autumn fields picking the gift of nature. Every activity, can attract many new and old customers to have new friends, old friends, participate in the activities of the objective is not the activity itself, but rather moved and happy harvest in the process, some harvest and family activities together happy, some harvest happy to meet new friends. Hung Wei group once again brought a plain and rare family memories of time for customers, a happy smiling face, the sound of praise is the company’s largest customer recognition. September 10, 11, in order to meet the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival, but also to repay customers, jade city in the sales center held a special moon cake DIY activities. On that day, many customers came to the sales center, laughing and talking, the popularity is very hot. This event, the sales center invited professional pastry chef to teach guidance, to participate in the activities of the customer, can choose different patterns according to mould their own preferences, making their own moon cakes. The children face with a smile, the side of the parents’ guidance in entertaining, hands-on experience of happiness, the traditional beauty. The scene while tasting, while the cakes packed away to friends, deep affection Xianmi precious yu. In the Emerald City Sales Center, in addition to the lively moon cake DIY activities, hand-painted fan activities also came to the scene, the event began, parents and children Qi battle, began his journey of painting. We have to show their talent, a fan through the imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style becomes colorful, full of wit and humour. The sales center staff as they send the tea and snacks, each to the site to participate in the activities of the family are full of harvest! September 15-9 month 17 days, Hong Wei · Emerald City (real estate information) project will be held in the "walnut harvest festival" and "mid autumn lantern riddles" activities, but the little rabbit lovely gift Oh, places are limited, we look forward to your participation. Details of the telephone: 400-819-1111 610839 developer: Beijing City hung Ruifeng Properties Limited Huailai County Li Kai Yuan Real Estate Co. Ltd. address: Beijing Tibet high speed (G6) exports about 5 kilometers south of the east garden, Jing Zhang high Tiedong garden north station about 7 km away from Beijing, about 73 kilometers North Third Ring Madian bridge.相关的主题文章: