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Photos: Julie divorce Pete said the children the most important exposure for divorce Julie Pitt said exposure children is the most important Tencent entertainment Brad · (Brad Pitt); Peter and Angelina · Julie (Angelina Jolie) confirmed the petition for divorce! 2 people up to 2 billion 700 million net worth with open end marriage. Because there are many people under the names of two properties and wineries, property allocation potential will cost a lot of time. 2 people had ordered the "anti stealing clause", if the mistress to Peter, 6 children of two people shared custody agreement; two people divorce away their property before marriage, after marriage money Zejun 6, to set up a trust fund for children, now Julie filed for divorce in September and has 15 jif women the main reason is that the identity of Peter not separated, parenting style, and no third party involved, she does not require alimony, but 6 child custody and visitation rights to Peter Peter, the next step is the limelight. Julie’s lawyer has confirmed to Reuters reporters on the grounds that "for the sake of a sound family," sources stressed that Julie felt very frustrated and unhappy". The 52 year old Peter "Pete" Brad · (Brad Pitt) and 41 year old Angelina · Julie (Angelina Jolie) dating for 10 years, and finally in the wedding 2 years ago, but just over 2 years will step on the way to 2 people divorce, a symbiosis raised 6 children, Qiu cloth after intercourse, bringing together the adoption of the eldest son of Medos, the second son Paisiting and eldest daughter of Sahara, they were from Kampuchea, Vietnam and Ethiopia, second daughter Sharon and the smallest twins Knox and Vivian Julie’s birth. Brad · Peter said: I am very sad, but now the most important thing is my child. Peter exposure derailed French Rose "Julie hired a private detective to investigate alleged that two people’s marriage is purely because parenting philosophy discord, but gossip media pointed out that two people go to this step today, is entirely due to Brad Peter and Mary · · Claudia’s feelings, have to let Angelina · Julie could not tolerate. The American media Page Six said Angelina · Julie hired a private detective, eventually found Pete against himself, which became the last straw for this marriage. More surprisingly, Peter was derailed, recent work with him in the new movie, a "French Rose", had starred in "rose life" (TV movie) and won the Golden Globe Award, British Academy Award, and Oscar Caesar Award "Best Actress Award" Mary · Claudia. This 2 year period or even married in Peter and Julie, this affair of two people in the continued. The insider said: "Julie unfortunately caught up with Brad Peter · those of alcohol and drug abuse, and abuse of the behavior of the Russian prostitute, he has been caught in their midlife crisis now, Julie finally had enough of him this.相关的主题文章: