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What To Do Next: Rent Or Buy A House In Shanghai ? Posted By: Brian Dardzinski First time homebuyers have a lot to consider when making the decision to rent or buy a home in Shanghai: interest rates are at all-time lows, there’s still plenty of housing stock and prices are at or near their lowest in years. 1. What will the monthly costs be and can I afford the payments? Keeping mortgage payments under 30 percent of your monthly income is a good rule of thumb. If you can’t keep mortgage payments below that, you may be better off renting for a while. 2. What other debt do I have? Total rent or mortgage payments plus credit obligations should not exceed 35 to 40 percent of monthly income. 3. What is my credit score? Can I qualify for a good interest rate? A high credit score indicates strong credit worthiness, and that qualifies you for better interest rates on a mortgage. Maxing out on your credit lines and paying bills late will lower your credit score. The impact of a credit score on interest rates can be a house in shanghai rent an apartment in shanghai rent a house in shanghai How To Rent An Apartment In Shanghai ? Posted By: Brian Dardzinski Renting an apartment in Shanghai requires planning, but it is not complex. Shanghai has had a real estate boom in recent years and there are a wide range of apartments available for rent by foreigners. Western style apartments in Shanghai are concentrated in areas of the city popular with foreigners, such as the Bund, Gubei area and some neighborhoods around Huaihai Road. Instructions Step 1 Contact one of several major real estate firms with offices in Shanghai. Maxview Realty, Replus and others are becoming bigger players in the burgeoning Shanghai real estate market. Step 2 Search for an apartment in the English language newspapers and magazines. These publications are available near major hotels and in bookstores. The classified section is like any in America and features apartment rentals, condominiums and villas. Step 3 Use a map to identify the neighborhood and district of the apartment. The population density in Shanghai is much higher than in the West, and transportation needs should be considered when shopping for an apartment. Step 4 Consult expat message boards and websites. The local expats are a great resource for local information on available apartments, regulations and pitfalls to a house in shanghai rent an apartment in shanghai rent a house in shanghai 相关的主题文章: