Business Are you feeling the heat of new corporate governance requirements for a better tomorrow 俄一将军在叙身亡 菲佣雇佣乱象

Business Are you feeling the heat of new corporate governance requirements for a better tomorrow? Do you believe future business success lays in your improved customer engagement strategies? If all these concern really bother you, it is the high time you need to empower your business innovators. It is not you alone; with fierce competition, every business worldwide has understood the importance of achieving corporate agility and efficiency. This pressure of Globalization, technological, legislative and regulatory changes and the need of automated high value process have led rise to new management approach – Business Process Management (BPM). Success symptoms: With number of business analysis groups recognizing the importance of incorporating BPM culture into an organization, it is no longer viewed as another three-letter acronym. The future of BPM is bright as most of the company personnel predict so. Even the giant investors in BPM companies have a gut feeling that the key players in the software market, such as IBM and HP will contribute to this growth. In fact, they have already started fostering relationships with small innovative companies and creating specific solutions for different industry requirements. This is just the trailer of the whole story. What makes you believe that BPM market is expanding in high momentum? There are series of evidences to prove that BPM will drive the whole industry over the next few years. Here are few of the reasons as follows: Increased corporate criticalities: With new corporate governance challenges, BPM has enabled enterprise wide visibility and transparency of the business processes. Today Business Process Management application has a $550 million market, which is expected to grow over 30% in next five years. Need for streamlined business process: It was the last decade only, when businesses required major changes in the way Information Technology (IT) was used. Over the years, the business structure and strategy changed with corporate restructuring and mergers, which required every process to be automated and connected to each other. There was also a strong need for streamlining internal processes so as to connect internal and external function. Demand for Integrating IT investments: Today Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are the major IT investments for any business. And, you must extract the complete value out of your investment. With good BPM system you can have better control and flexibility by providing in-built EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) capability. For example Automobile brand Fiat has integrated BPM system with its existing purchasing systems. Support needed for non-technical business people: It is universally accepted that BPM need relevant support from IT department. But, what about the non-technical business persons? Do they understand Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)? With Business Process Management Training, people can have control of their own area, without having to go through the IT department. So business processes are no more sole properties of IT people. This is the key selling point of BPM system. Even business leaders are not much optimistic about existing function-specific enterprise software vendors. They are focusing on case basis solution. Therefore, implementing BPM has become the necessity. However, during earlier stages of application business heads must have collaboration with IT department. The future is prospective: Hence it is well comprehended that the strength of BPM lies in its common sense approach. With new companies following the lead set by early proponents of BPM, the competition to improve is always live. Big time enterprises and specialist vendors too are working on it. On the whole, BPM technology not only changes the way a business works, it also educates- how to buy and use IT effectively? More and more organizations are realizing this truth today and started getting the fruits of it. Have you tried it yourself? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: