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SEO Link building indeed takes a lot of time and effort to get traffic, build online presence and establish brand awareness. Last year, Penguin Algorithm was introduced by Google aimed at penalizing websites utilizing bad SEO such as keyword stuffing, rehashed content and poor back links. So, a lot of marketers are now finding of ways and techniques to become bulletproof with the Penguin update and also will help you gain the Vote of Confidence. Here, I will going to share to you the SEO link building methods of 2013. Link bait It is one of the most effective link building techniques you cant afford to pass by. Link baiting is done by creating content for specific purpose yet you must have a valuable content so that audience will be immediately attracted to your article and consider your post as a reference. You must know that theres a tough competition online so you need to make some high quality articles that will sell online and if they go viral its pretty sure youll have massive amount of traffic coming in your site. Directories submission This is an easy and useful way of building back links for your site. Back then, you can submit to infinite number of directory submission but as Google released its newest and deadly system update, it now come to very few submission sites that are also strict and evaluating which articles are to be approved. Social media Today, social networking sites are the most used internet marketing tool that is proven to be tested and helpful in getting potential clients, widening customer base and creating traffic. Some of the best social media sites are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, StumbleUpon and Digg. Guest blogging Gest posting is here to stay and will still be one of the most telling ways of link building. Theyre can be considered as one of the trends on spreading the word about your website. This approach gives you authority and high traffic blogs yet you have to have an informative and fresh article that will definitely caught the attention of the readers as well as serve as an answer to their learning needs. Choose reliable blogs to guest post so that you will be banned or spammed and be careful when putting links as Google easily traces you when you commit illegal method. You must ask the permission of the owner of the blog to your author info and backlinks inside the resource box. Google devalue the backlinks put outside the author box while guest blogging because it always gives different weighted to on-page links and backlinks from guest blogging. Also, you can write an editorial about a blog or a product and send an Email to the blog owner requesting if he can mention your article on his blog or website. When publish a high quality article, you can send some Emails to a number of blog owners requesting that if they find your article reliable and interesting they can mention it in their blog posts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: