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UnCategorized Google is a monster, and it’s a voracious one at that. Originally conceived as a project by two Stanford PhD candidates, the Google search engine was first designed to crawl across websites, and identify links back to other websites. The theory was that finding common links back to websites would help identify which websites have the richest content. By the way, this is a fairly recent phenomenon – the original project was conceived in team 1996, and Google itself was incorporated in 1998. Today Google searches account for 70% of all Internet searches, with approximately 200,000,000 people per month searching about 70 times each. In order to feed these searches, and to make them relevant, the Google monster is continuously devouring all new content on the web. Google uses extremely sophisticated algorithms, to parse content to search the websites and to make judgments on the value of the content from its ongoing efforts to devour everything that it can find. In the early days of Internet marketing, it was very common to promote websites using standard tactics, advertising either on TV, in direct mail or in magazines, driving people to the website. Although this tactic is still in use today, the cost of deploying electronic or printed advertising can become cost prohibitive, and can severely limit the marketer’s ability to promote the website. A much more efficient method of generating web traffic is through feeding the Google monster by producing a steady stream of articles and press releases about your business and about yourself. The articles and press releases should be available on your website, and should also be pushed out into various services and media across the Internet, so that more people find them. If you’re content is very well written, they will become interested in your perspective, and will find their way back to your website. Furthermore by attaching the articles and press releases to your website itself, the Google monster will continue continuously parse it for content, and improve your ranking in the search engines. The key of course in doing this, is to make sure that your content is exceptionally well-written. If you’re not a very good writer, think about hiring a professional copywriter to write this material for you. If your articles and press releases are shoddy or shabby in any way, you’ll actually be doing yourself more harm than good, because your brand will become associated with inferior quality as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: