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Business Too many law firms devote too few resources to branding and marketing. They operate under the misguided impression that a company logo, professional letterhead and slick-looking business cards can create an effective brand image. What they dont realize is that a brand goes far beyond simple symbols and office supplies, and that strategic law firm branding is an indispensable part of the business plan. The successful marketing of legal services requires that the firm first position itself appropriately to reach its target audience. Potential clients will not even have the opportunity to assess your services if they do not know you are there. You must project your brand onto the market, clearly communicating the superior benefits your firm can offer. As a law firm brand is built over time, all attorneys and staff must work together to reinforce these initial efforts and integrate the brand-building strategy into all levels of the business. Another crucial element in the successful execution of your marketing plan is a detailed analysis of your opposition. In order to excel in a competitive environment, it is imperative you understand what you are up against. You want to learn about their tactics up front rather than learn about them after they have converted your prospects into their clients. How have competitors positioned their brand? How have they succeeded? Where has their strategy failed? What are they doing and, just as critical, what arent they doing? Knowledge is power and thorough research can only strengthen your law firm branding efforts. You may detect opportunities that will improve your public relations and marketing campaigns, or even discover untapped revenue streams in the current marketplace. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your top competitors is as important as recognizing your own and capitalizing on them. Its a prerequisite for demonstrating that your legal capabilities are significantly different and better than the rest of the market. Look to Berbay Corp., one of the foremost law firm marketing companies, to effectively create and execute all aspects of your professional services branding plan. Log on to berbay.com for more details. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: