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Irelands Changes To Immigration Regulations Know More By: brianwarren | Jul 21st 2013 – The Irish government has announced easing of employment requirements to help employers get access to skilled non-EEA (European Economic Area) candidates with the aim of becoming Europes internet capital. Tags: A Quick Glance At Singapore"��s New Expat Regulations By: brianwarren | Nov 21st 2012 – Singapore has tightened the sponsorship criteria for dependants of foreign workers. The new legislation, effective from September 1, 2012, aims to restrict the rapid influx of dependants into Singapore and affects P1, P2, S pass and Employment Pass holders. Tags: What You Must Know About Foreign Direct Investment Reforms In Multi Brand Retail Trade In India By: brianwarren | Oct 16th 2012 – The Government of India is liberalizing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in various sectors for economic growth. As indicated by the government, the reforms in multi-brand retail trade, single brand retail trade, civil aviation and broadcasting sectors will encourage foreign investments and increase growth. Tags: A Quick Glance At The Recent Changes In Korea"��s Tax Laws By: brianwarren | Oct 10th 2012 – The South Korean government has announced changes to its tax laws that would increase tax rates for both large businesses operating in the country and employees. The new law changes are expected to increase South Korean tax revenues by KRW 1.8 Trillion and raising taxes on capital gains and tax rates. Tags: A Quick Glance At Australia"��s Latest Amendments To The Corporation Act By: brianwarren | Oct 5th 2012 – Australia empowers the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to wind up abandoned companies by introducing new provisions in the Corporations Act, which will assist employees who are owed entitlements to access the General Employee Entitlements Redundancy Scheme (GEERS). Tags: A Quick Glance At The Tax Breaks For Foreign Permanent Establishments In Netherlands By: brianwarren | Aug 2nd 2012 – The Dutch Government"��s 2012 Tax Bill exempts permanent establishments outside the Netherlands from Dutch income tax effective from January 1, 2012. With the new legislation, foreign permanent establishments"�� profits and losses will be exempt from Dutch Tax and the losses will be deductible under certain conditions. Tags: A Brief On The Modifications In Romania"��s Vat Legislation By: brianwarren | Jul 16th 2012 – The Government of Romania has introduced an array of changes to its VAT legislation. The amendment includes an increase in the VAT registration threshold, tax authority"��s right to de-register taxpayers and VAT related deductions for purchase of vehicles. Tags: Taxable Benefits On Stock Options In Belgium- What You Need To Know By: brianwarren | May 30th 2012 – There has been a change in the rules governing the taxable benefits of stock options in Belgium. Belgium"��s prolonged budgetary discussions resulted in an increase in tax on equity based payments particularly stock options and dividends where most taxable benefits on stock options granted will be increased to 18% from the … Tags: Effect Of Canada"��s Budget Cuts On Overseas Employment Tax Credits By: brianwarren | May 22nd 2012 – A conservative budget plan for 2012 in Canada proposes to gradually phase out the Overseas Employment Tax Credit (OETC) from the 2013 tax year onwards. Tags: A Brief On Amendments Of Trademark Laws In Australia By: brianwarren | May 22nd 2012 – Streamlining the process of applying for trademarks, opposing a trademark application and trademark infringement proceedings, Australia"��s Intellectual Property Amendment (Raising the Bar) Bill was recently converted into law on April 15, 2012. Tags: China"��s Effort To Implement Collective Wage By: brianwarren | Apr 12th 2012 – It has never been a better time to expand as China offers tremendous prospects for international expansion. The Chinese Government and the All-China Federal Trade Unions (ACFTU)are escalating efforts to promote collective wage bargaining amongst corporations, especially multinationals operating in the country. Tags: Tax Relief For German Non-resident Companies By: brianwarren | Apr 11th 2012 – The German Federal Council"��s amendment of the German anti-treaty-shopping (ATS) rule no longer requires a non-German resident company to generate more than 10% of its gross revenues through its own business activities. Tags: Tips To Aid Compliance With Global Data Privacy Laws By: brianwarren | Mar 4th 2012 – Businesses that depend on technology in a big way are looking at a rapid growth in the role of IT Compliance. With employees working in countries with strict privacy laws, one of the ways for data privacy is to prevent any access to personal data from outside and keep it within the country where it is obtained from. Another … Tags: A Quick Glance At Mexico"��s Foreign Trade Requirements By: brianwarren | Feb 27th 2012 – Being surrounded by distinctly developed and excitable emerging economies, Mexico enjoys the close proximity of two continental markets. It ranks in the best top three emerging markets in which business can be done. Tags: How Translation Software Can Be Advantageous For Your Company By: Gladeyas | Feb 22nd 2012 – Whether to go global or not is no longer a question of choice. Expanding business overseas is now a fundamental requirement to survive in a globally competitive market. Tags: What You Need To Know About The Reduction Of Corporate Tax For Smbs In China By: brianwarren | Jan 24th 2012 – China"��s tax policy framework for 2012 largely focuses on reducing taxes for both individuals and small businesses to maintain economic growth and stability. Tags: A Quick Glance At The Tax Considerations On Foreign Exchange Transactions In Brazil By: brianwarren | Jan 22nd 2012 – Taxation in Brazil varies from other countries, particularly in regard to the many auxiliary obligations required under Brazilian Tax Laws and Regulations. Tags: Understanding The "��contractor"�� Relationship While Doing Business In Uk By: brianwarren | Jan 22nd 2012 – To make your international project a successful one, you need to be well-advised about local laws and politics. Tags: What You Need To Know About The Reduction Of Corporate Tax In Korea By: brianwarren | Dec 18th 2011 – For companies with tax bases between 200 million won and 50 billion won, the Korean government has announced plans to reduce the top marginal corporate tax rate to 20 percent in 2012. Tags: Relief From Double Taxation With India"��s Direct Tax Code By: brianwarren | Nov 22nd 2011 – The proposed Direct Tax Code (DTC) eases fears of double taxation, aims replace India"��s 50-year-old Income tax law and create a system that simplifies the tax structure and updates the corporate tax rates for foreign companies. Tags: Simplifying The Foreign Credit Pooling System In Singapore By: brianwarren | Nov 22nd 2011 – To give businesses greater flexibility in their claim of FTCs, the FTC pooling system was introduced in the Singapore Budget 2011. Tags: Understanding The Norms For India"��s Exit Scheme For Defunct Companies By: brianwarren | Oct 24th 2011 – India"��s popular Easy Exit Scheme (EES) that allows defunct companies to get their names removed from the Register of Companies has been extended. Tags: What You Need To Know About Egypt Before Expanding Your Business There By: brianwarren | Oct 18th 2011 – Being in the core of the Middle East, Egypt serves as a bridge between the European west and the Arab east. It is one of the most populous Arab countries in the world and derives most of its culture from Mediterranean, African and Arab influences. Tags: Making Your Business In Bulgaria A Success By: brianwarren | Oct 18th 2011 – Bulgaria is known for its picturesque nature and rich cultural heritage and ranks third in Europe after Greece and Italy for the number of its valuable archeological monuments. Tags: Understanding China"��s Social Insurance Law For Foreign Employees By: brianwarren | Oct 13th 2011 – It is mandatory for employers to buy certain types of insurance coverage, in certain countries. Tags: A Quick Glance At The Special Tax Rates For Smbs In Japan By: brianwarren | Oct 9th 2011 – Japan is enjoying a period of sustained economic growth, although modest, that is largely fueled by domestic demand, and buffeted by strong export sales. Tags: How India"��s Data Privacy Rules Can Affect Us I.t Companies By: brianwarren | Oct 6th 2011 – The newly issued data privacy rules can impose considerable restrictions on how businesses handle personal information. Tags: Things To Keep In Mind For Expanding Business In Romania By: brianwarren | Oct 6th 2011 – The global economic downswing has enabled Romania to emerge as one of the promising destination for outsourcing that includes IT services and support, contact centers and back-office support. Tags: Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Business In Slovakia By: brianwarren | Sep 29th 2011 – Strategically situated from Vienna on the river Danube close to Austrian and Hungarian borders, Slovakia is one of the most is politically stable EU Member States Tags: Important Points To Mull Over For Expanding Your Business In Greece By: brianwarren | Sep 28th 2011 – Greece might not be in the same sphere with the European giants, in terms of a flourishing economy but then we must realize that not every country would be like a European giant. Tags: What You Must Know About Making Your Business In A Portugal A Success By: brianwarren | Sep 26th 2011 – Portugal is a great place to start a business. The economy here has grown vastly and the GDP is consistently above the European average. Tags: The Essentials To Consider Before Expanding Your Business To Ireland By: brianwarren | Sep 26th 2011 – The well-developed infrastructure combined with competitive operating costs, low corporate taxes and financial incentives make it one of the most lucrative places in Europe for foreign investment. Tags: What You Need To Know About Ghana Before Expanding Your Business There By: brianwarren | Sep 22nd 2011 – If you are looking for low competition along with a tremendous growth potential, Ghana is certainly the way to go. Tags: Making Your Business In Italy A Success By: brianwarren | Sep 21st 2011 – Being in the centre of modern Europe, and a member of a many major commercial international organizations, Italy can claim to be a very attractive place to do business. Tags: Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Setting Up A Business In Finland By: brianwarren | Sep 15th 2011 – Finland is one of the leading countries in the world for anyone wanting start a business, when it comes to competitiveness and innovation. Tags: The Essentials To Keep In Mind While Expanding To Czech Republic By: brianwarren | Sep 15th 2011 – One of the most successful transition economies, Czech Republic, has a sophisticated market with virtually all goods and services available. Tags: Making Your Business In Poland A Success By: brianwarren | Sep 7th 2011 – Poland is one of the most attractive locations for foreign investments as it has an abundance of natural resources and a variety of highly profitable options. Tags: Key Elements To Consider Before Expanding To Luxemburg By: brianwarren | Sep 6th 2011 – Being one of the richest cities in the world, Luxembourg is home to the European Investment Bank and is and is an attractive place to consider for a business expansion. Tags: How To Make Your Business Venture A Success In New Zealand By: brianwarren | Aug 22nd 2011 – New Zealand is a breath-taking country with an efficient, sophisticated and active economy capable of delivering key benefits to investors. Tags: Making Your Business In Sweden A Success By: brianwarren | Aug 11th 2011 – With robust international relationships, a skilled workforce, low corporate tax rates and a near absence of bureaucracy, Sweden is one of the biggest beneficiaries of foreign investment. Tags: Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Setting Up Your Business In Brazil By: brianwarren | Aug 4th 2011 – Brazil brings to mind the images of soccer or the Amazon or the carnival. Although a small fraction, it is indeed a part of what makes Brazil. Tags: Leverage The Benefits Of Internet For Overseas Money Transfer By: mariawalker | Jul 21st 2011 – Why online overseas money transfer services are in demand and how it has made the international currency exchange easy for us? Tags: What You Need To Consider Before Expanding Your Business To Singapore By: brianwarren | Jul 17th 2011 – As a bridge between the East and the West, Singapore is regarded as a cultural mixing pot. Although Eastern substance is a staple of the society, business is often conducted in the Western style. Tags: What To Keep In Mind When Expanding Your Business To Hong Kong By: brianwarren | Jul 11th 2011 – Hong Kong with its open trading environment has a large market of its own and is a strong trading partner. Tags: What You Need To Know About Expanding Your Business To Mexico By: brianwarren | Jul 7th 2011 – With huge potential, Mexico is a country that has demonstrated predictable, stable economic growth. Tags: Expanding Business To Malaysia By: brianwarren | Jun 28th 2011 – One of the more stable Asian states, Malaysia is a mixture of modernity and tradition. It is a country that matches the lofty aspirations of its people. The logical and deft management approach here has allowed its market to raise its competitive game and sharpen its resilience. Tags: Starting A Business In Saudi Arabia By: brianwarren | Jun 28th 2011 – Run by the Al Saud royal family, Saudi Arabia sits on twenty five percent of the world"��s oil reserves and has a capacity of producing nearly ten million barrels per day. Tags: What Are The Essentials To Know When Expanding Your Business To The Usa By: brianwarren | Jun 20th 2011 – Not many nations have the characteristics to induce such ingratiating, back-slapping reverence like the American penchant for business. Tags: Making Your Business Expansion In Japan A Success By: brianwarren | Jun 16th 2011 – Probably the most westernized nation in Asia, Japan brings to mind images of exotic temples, sushi, cars, and ultra modern gadgets. Tags: Overcoming The Challenges In Regulatory Filings By: brianwarren | Apr 7th 2011 – Almost sixty-five percent of all companies trade globally today. Expanding business overseas can be extremely overwhelming with a large number of taxing regulations, labor laws, stock options, etc. Tags: 相关的主题文章: